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Anyone else on Geodon?

I just started it about a month ago, and have been slowly moving up in dosage. I think I'm now where I need to be on it. It makes me very tired during the day, and yet I'm not sleeping through the night. But other than that, I must say I'm feeling really good.
Anyway, this is my first post, and was wondering what others experiences have been on this med, and how different people take it. (as in times of day). I'm now taking it in the am after breakfast, and in the evening after dinner. Thanks for any input! :-)
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This is a med that must be taken with meals to be effective so it is good you are taking it with breakfast and supper. Without food its effectiveness drops to about 50%.

I am just going off of it after being on it about 3 years I think. I found it worked well for the crasy thoughts, but there was the tiredness. I've also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so it is hard to tell what the exact cause of my tiredness is.

I also had a strange reaction where I lost a lot of weight. It was great at first but I am down to a size 2 and struggling to maintain that. So we are on to the next great med adventure which is Abilify. Thank goodness I have good drug coverage as that one is expensive.

I hope this works out well for you. My side effect was freaky (I tend to get freaky side effects for example on risperadol I started to lactate :( )
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Thanks for the input! Right now I'm currently about 40 pounds overweight. (thanks to serequel), so losing some would be a blessing. I was given the choice between Geodon and abilify, and went with Geodon based mostly on cost. Good luck with your med change. I wish you the best! :-)
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