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Anyone have mania that lasts only a few days?

I definetely felt manic about a week ago for about two days, but I think I was sort of on an upward trend a few days before that. I had to take double the amount of sleeping pills to go to sleep, and I couldn't stop giggling, smiling, and talking. I was talking fast and interrupting people constantly. I was also super detailed at my job, and able to converse in Spanish more fluently. At the end of this, I suddenly became the opposite, withdrawn, slow and sad. Is that the crash? Is it possible to be manic for only a few days? I usually am depressed and lack energy and motivation, it was kind of nice to be the opposite for a while. Why can't that good feeling last longer?
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Yes I and many people have rapid cycling. I believe you take Ambien as a sleep aide and as that has a potential for addiction its best not to alter the dose. You might want to inquire about Rozerem which is safe and non addictive and actually adjusts the sleep cycle like melatonin but is an FDA approved medication. As for what mood stabilizer works best on rapid cycling I found Lamictal to be the most helpful but as each person reacts differently you should ask your psychiarist what could be done.
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I sound so much the same as you.
Im just trying to balance all of this myself. My sleep as most important. As we all know with no sleep lifes just plain  diffacult.
I never have caught my ups..... i deffinetly feel my downs... ug.
I dont change any dosage unless dr prscribed... im thinking it wont be worth it if something changed suddenly.  real bad depression, extream ups...
I'd love to keep chating?
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Oh yes, I just came off of 3 days of hypomania about 4 days ago. Now I am feeling really weird, actually. I feel down with a low mood and heavy feeling, yet I am still having racing thoughts, hoping it isn't a mixed state. Fun... >.>

My hypomania usually lasts between 1-7 days. 7 days is really rare, but I did have one last year around this time where I was up for 3 down for 2-4 up for 3 down for 2-4 and it kept doing that for about 3 weeks or so. At the end of it is when I had my massive melt down at work. It was terrible. The whole month of July I've been up and down. My mood tracker looks terrible, so I'm really praying for a smoother ride and not another melt down. :(
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It is etremely common for me, except my cycles change from a day to day basis. I forget what the name is for someone like me who rapid cycles so fast and random. I WISH my cycles lasted longer (not the depression, of course) so I would have some kind of idea when to expect the next cycle and be able to prepare for it. I'm so random and can cycle all in the same day sometimes, and its very frustrating not knowing what to expect throughout the day. Just a little note, I am not on any MS and have not been dx yet. Right now I am taking Bupropion and a thyroid midicine. I was prescribed Seroquel for sleep, but for some reason I quit taking it and now only take it when I need it. Btw, is that safe to do?
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That is a question for your doctor. I don't know much about Serequil but I would be careful with any type of prescribed med.
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thanx so much for confirming that this can be a bipolar experience. I don't mind the mini mania experiences I go through but the fact that they don't last and then I become dysphoric *****. It totally is the reason why people find I am hard to count on and inconsistent.  It makes it hard to function. I'm 32 years old and I have trouble figuring out who I am, and even being mature at times!! Good to know there are others out there.
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My moods are very similiar.  I did not get a diagnosis until a year and a half ago, before that I used to take anti depressents on and off. I am 34 and I often feel the same way about my maturity level.  I am Bi Polar II, my lows are more regular than my highs.  My highs are usually much quicker than my lows. I can cycle rapidly , low in the morning and high in the afternoon (for example), which might last for a few days and then I'm stable for some time.  
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This would be considered rapid cycling.
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I accidentally hit submit before I got the chance to say some people cycle several times a day.
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I think the people who cycle in one day are called ultra-rapid cyclers. I read that somewhere. It coudl be wrong though.
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Hi I am an ultra radian cycler. I cycle several times a day.  I take seroquel which works amazingly!  Lamictal also worked but it caused me to have a rash.  TWINKIE: From what my dr has said taking too many sleeping pills only intensifies the low when it comes as does drinking or abusing of any drug.  I know it is difficult to sleep I can never fall asleep ask about seroquel and restoril.  Oh and have u tried ttrazadone?  The combo of seroquel and restoril works for me because I rarelyhave to take restoril (sleep aid) at night due to the fact that seroquel (mood stabilizer) makes me sleepy.
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A doctor in an ER once prescribed me Seroquel and told me to only take it when I needed to sleep so I'm pretty sure it'd be fine, but definitely talk to your doctor about it just to be sure.

And to the thread, I sometimes cycles once a day, sometimes once every few, sometimes once a week, sometimes it can be a month.
According to one of my old psychiatrists it was called ultra-rapid cycling or something like that.
And more than once in a day is ultradian-rapid cycling I think.
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