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Ask the expert mental health??

I post here because it is active. On ask the expert the doctor said about schizophrenia on Feb 11th.  
                 "These are all psychological symptoms".
What kind of an expert is this?

Can someone look into this.  This in my eyes is a cruel statement to a man with schizophrenia with questions.  My Dad has suffered 40 years with schizophrenia, he as I always understood it has a brain disorder?  

Who is this expert and how can he say this?
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Hi Therese,

I don't go on the "expert mental health" forum because I am frequently left grinding my teeth with steam coming out of my ears and I know I am not alone in this.

Not much help I know but just to let you know you are not alone!
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I cannot comment on anything said in the ask the doctor forums for very good reasons but I would encourage anyone who is unhappy or see's incorrect advice to use the Medhelp systems and mark the comment for the Medhelp staff to follow up on - that is what they are there for after all.

And yes Schizophrenia is a brain disorder not a psychological problem.
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What was the question, I see a few there, could you tell us which one it is before any sweeping generalizations are made. In defense of the MD, if you don't give much info, how can you really give it back right? The more info you provide, it's just easier.
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I just looked at the post, the poster did not give much info regarding the actual issue of schizophrenia. More so, wanting answers regarding cranial issues which should have been sent to a Neurologist.  I also have to add,  that many Mood Disorders, especially since the man said his family has no background in mental illness can just happen, there could be a multitude of reasons, including social, which can cause/trigger mental illness. Some folks may carry traits of BP and when something external happens, they  present w/BP. That would be a psychological causation. So I get why the MD said that.

This was the actual question:

Can anyone let me know whether these symptoms are due to Craniosynostosis OR untreated Positional Plagiocephaly and what is the treatment for it?

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Yes so you took the quote out of context. Every response takes a different reply in what's going on and how its explained to the person on their level of understanding. That's how all psychiatrists work. I wouldn'tcomment on a particular post here but all psychiatrists use the DSM-4 for understanding how schizophrenia works and is diagnosed. I have a copy of it from my "abnormal psychiatry" class. That doesn't give me any knowledge approaching a professional of course nor would I say so but I do have up to date knowledge from a consumer perspective as I had to write my aspect of a case study on the Phase II FDA studytreatment for schizoaffective I am on using the DSM-4 which will be revised and rewritten by the researchers. Since that's not published yet I can pm you some links in the public domain. All psychiatrists believe schizophrenia is biochemical in origin. That's why medication is prescribed. Of course psychology is a part of it. That's why talk therapy is helpful. Understanding stressors or trigger points and ordinary human emotions is part of all treatment. Medication and talk therapy work together in schizophrenia. For everyone.
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I did not take the quote out of context?  No I did not.  Certainly not.

Is talk therapy helpful for schizophrenia, is it really or is that a myth we have been fed?
I could have gone to talk therapy for the reast of my life, with psychotic depression, what i needed was medication.  I dont need any therapy.  I could tell you how much money i paid that woman!

Thank you bulldozer I will avoid that board because schizophrenia is certainly not a psychologicl problem.  I have seen it in action for 40 years and no amount of counselling can cure schizophrenia.  With the right medication my Dad is completely fine and he does not have any psychological problems.  It is a problem with the function of the brain, purely.
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all i know is that i have posted questions on there an never got any answers so i don't bother asking anymore. you're better off posting here because at least people can help through their own experiences which sometimes are better than any doc who has never experienced any condition themselves!
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  I have schizoaffective disorder and despite the fact that the new treatment I am on in Phase II FDA study (for information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine, my case study will be published in a psychiatric journal) has caused me to have a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder I still need talk therapy. Yes when I see my psychopharmocologist medication is discussed but everyday life issues are as well I'd well say you took the quote out of context as the other post showed. All psychiatrists everywhere know that medication combined with talk therapy is what works to treat schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Of course if someone is psychotic its harder for talk therapy to benefit them. Talk therapy can be beneficial for anyone though even someone without any diagnosed psychiatric disability.
  And you must remember there are two areas of understanding. A psychiatrist's understanding of how medication works comes from not only a full training in medical school leading to an m.d. but a further level of psychiatric training as well. I may have corresponded with some researchers in the field but the articles they've told me to read are hard for me to understand as they are written from a scientific mindset with the training to go with it but any psychiatrist would understand them. Then there is the understanding we as consumers have of each other as shared experiences. Every doctor has been a patient because everyone gets sick. No psychiatrist has experienced what they are treating and certainly not schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder so naturally they don't have a personal understanding of it. In some of my testimony I've tried to bridge the gap between the two means of understanding. And I'd rather the thread end here and remain up on a positive note because that's how I always approach providers and the best way to accomplish our recovery goals. On any level.
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