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Atypical antipsychotics and diabetes

Out of interest, can anyone tell me whether the link between atypical antipsychotics and diabetes is purely due to the extra weight gained? or do the drugs alter the way that the body metabolises carbohydrates - in other words is a normal/under weight person at risk of develop diabetes because of them? I'm not worrying about it, just curious that's all.
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Yes atypical antipsychotics do cause metabolic imbalances that can lead to diabetes and often cause weight gain. That's why yearly testing as regards blood sugar levels is generally a good idea. If a person develops the signs of diabetes (as happenned to one person I knew) a specific regimented diet can stop this from happenning. That's why its good to keep track of it. Limiting sugar and charbohydrate intake in the meantime and in general though are helpful at preventing this from happenning. The antipsychotic agent I take that is in clinical study and that class of antipsychotics (NMDA receptor modulates) so far are not picking up diabetes as a long term side effect (but of course the clinical studies are still ongoing). However, I do take other medications such as Clonidine that can cause weight gain and diabetes runs in my family (my mother has pre diabetes, my aunt has diabetes that is already insulin resistant) so I am cautious as to my diet just to prevent this regardless. If a person has the inherited traits for it they are more likely to be susceptible to acquire it as well.
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Gosh, so even if you did not put on a significant amount of weight you still have to be sensible with diet and be generally aware because of the way the drug affects your metabolism. That is news to me. I am pleased that your antipsychotic does not carry this risk so far, and perhaps future AP's will also be this way.
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