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Is it possible to be bipolar and have major depressive disorder at the same time? I thought that major depressive disorder was unipolar by definition.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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the very definition of BP is highs and lows. My major depressions were extremely deep and lasted much longer than the highs so yes, you can have major depression and be BP.
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In my experience is rare to be diagnosed as both at the same time upon first deciding, most bipolar sufferers are diagnosed as major depressive in the early states because they only seek treatment when theyre in the lows, when we're manic we feel great so forget we're really actually very sick. Its only when doctors realise someone is bipolar that they change the diagnosis. What bastet has said about being low for far longer than high is true im mostly like that in fact but i also become ultradian when im active and functioning meaning i cycle very very rapidly i was like that for about 2 years up until 6 months ago and i found rapid cycling was when i was at my most content and happy because when its that fast you cant help but feel buzzy constantly because your body tries to keep up.

Do you think you may be bipolar? we would be interrested to hear more
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Wow I never would of thought it would be possible to be diagnosed with both of those.
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