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BPD but only Mania?

Hi. My father and I both suffer from BPD but never experience depression, just mania. Is this more prevalent in men?
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Bipolar has evolved. There are different types. https://www.talkspace.com/mental-health/conditions/bipolar-disorder/types/  This article has different types. There are two types of bipolar in the current DSM 5 that would have primarily mania. bipolar 1 is where you'd likely fall which you CAN have without depressive episodes. You can have back to back mania. There may also be depression that isn't being recognized as such as it is not low level to suicidal and that type of thing. A psychiatrist could diagnose as well as a clinical psychologist. However, mania can be present in other mental health issues. It's often a question asked during assessment for All mental health issues. Racing thoughts, increased energy, risk taking are symptoms. Psychosis of any sort can have mania as a symptom. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/21603-mania  Does your dad have delusions or hallucinations as well?
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It might be that BPD is more prevalent in men in general, not sure. There are some articles out there (you might google the topic) about BPD with just mania, which is designated as Unipolar rather than Bipolar.
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