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Battling with irritability and tearfulness

Needing help... I was battling with hypersexuality so upped my lamictal from 25mg to another half...I am on prozac 25mg and topamax 100mg as well I am not as bad but am battling now with feelings of disconnection, irritability, paranoia and so many other things that are going on inside my head. My family is oblivious as I am hiding it very well but feel terrible. My husband doesn't know that I was battling the hypersexuality or that I upped my dose as that was how we found out I was hypomanic in the past - in 2000 when I had a fling with someone. He as a result was highly jealous and suspicious and wouldn't want to start that cycle again! I find myself spiraling down again and feeling worthless and "hearing" from my husband that I am not really making the grade, I am feeling frightened of the thoughts that are popping in to my head as I have so much to be thankful for. I am not seeing anyone as I live in a Spanish-speaking community. Please just tell me I am probably just a needy personality and it has nothing to do with the Bipolar. We all have these issues right??
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  It could be a combination of both issues. You could try relationship therapy if you want to discuss issues that he may not be open to.
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