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Bi Polar II and Food

Anyone else have experiences where it seems like Food affects a Bi Polar pre-manic behavior better than the drugs?

For 5 years we have been asking any clinician that will listen to what we observe about Food and our Bi Polar son.  He's been on several meds.  Thanks to a genetic test given by one of his doctors they discovered which A-Typicals his body best metabolizes. Yes you can ask for it because most psychiatrists won't bother due to cost or are not aware of the option. Having that knowledge early would have saved so much time and bad experiences with everything from Seroquel, Depakote, Abilify, Seraphis, and a near OD on Lithium (thanks to another doctor who wasn't monitoring dosages via standard blood tests).

So he's been on Geodon for nearly 18mo along with Lamictal, Inderal, and Neurontin; We saw a great improvement and stability for the first 14 months with the Geodon/Lamictal combination.  However, during the past winter his moods shifted and he felt out of sorts more frequently.  He asked his new doctor whether his Geodon dose was sufficient.  She answered, "well what would you like to try?  an increase to 100mg or 120mg?"  He chose to bump up by 20mg to 100mg.  Now before you freak about the doctor, we are searching for another, they are hard to find and seem to start off Ok but then become insensitive "pill pushers'.  

We are considering dropping his Geodon down to 60mg and monitoring his moods and behaviors.  He doesn't live at home so we have to maintain contact via phone and visits. BUT the one and ONLY Constant since 2010 has been the simple fact that whenever his mood shifts to pre-mania (fight or flight - irrational, agitation, along with morning nausea) a simple morning power bar, bowl of cereal, or other FOOD stabilizes his mood within 10-15min.  This is especially true during his waking times.  Doctors all say he's not diabetic and his blood test always come back fine for glucose and such but his regular doctor is having us check his blood sugar for possible low levels in the mornings which could indicate a pre-diabetic condition.

Geodon seem to be a 'wonder drug' to us but now we're not sure anymore or whether his psychiatrist was not aware of the nature of this newer A-typical drug (besides the fact she blindly offered the patient the choice of dosages)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated - thank you
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There's solid evidence to show that there is a 'relationship' between food and mood.




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