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Bi Polar Impulsivity

I have had issues with impulsivity in my past.  I think I have bi polar and this is an ongoing issue with me.  It has really been tough on my marriage.  Does anyone have ways to cope with impulsivity on this issue and how to keep it under control?
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   Impulsiveness can occur in bipolar but it would depend on what else is happening. If you have concerns you have bipolar it would be worthwhile to speak to a psychiatrist about it as it is treatable. Talk therapy can be helpful as well and for impulsive behaviors that don't respond to treatment fully or remain a concern cognitive behavioral therapy can help. Also if it impacts on your marriage relationship counseling can be of help regardless of cause.
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Hello, I think that you ought to see a doctor and be assessed, it sounds like you're struggling, but you don't have to, you just need the right treatment and support.
I find that I've been terribly impulsive when I skipped my meds, don't get me wrong I can still be impulsive on the meds, but nowhere near as much!
You might find with the right meds that your impulsivity will be a lot better, its awful when it puts such a strain on your marriage, the illness is bad enough, but when it effects the people around you it becomes very difficult but it's common with Bipolar unfortunately.
ADHD can cause impulsivity also so I really think you need to consult a doctor ASAP.
You don't have to put up with it, it can be managed...
I find it hard myself, I guess my partner and I just ride out the storm, but I won't listen to a word he says and become paranoid that he's out to get me..For me I find if I stick to a good sleep pattern, eat healthily, always take my meds it keeps me on the straight and narrow, but sometimes stress triggers it off and there's not much I can do but ask for support.
I hope you can see a doctor soon and feel better!!
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It's a big part of my characteristics for BP II. If you are that way, it doesn't necessarily mean you have bipolar, it may just mean you have some anger mgt problems, etc,,,,. Therapy is a good idea for anyone with concerns about their own behaviour.  To me, if you're noticing things about you behaviour, you can be d@mn sure that others have noticed it too, and it is affecting them.  Also seeing a good therapist can help you be sure if you need treatment other than talk therapy.
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