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I have just been put on seroquel starting at 50 mg and increasing every three days until 150mg at night.  I have also been put on Mirtazapine 30mg which i have increased over the same time.  I have also just withdrawn    after a week tapering it off.  I still feel the electric shocks and muscle aches from the withdrawal of my previous antidepressant (paroxetine) and I started getting a pounding heartfrom the seroquel.  I went to see my gp who reduced my seroquel to seroquel xl 50 mg and I am to go back in a week to her, while I do not see the psychiatrist again for 5 weeks.  My palpitations have stopped but the mood swings and depression have returned to just how they were before I reduced the dose.  I do not know what to do..go back to my original doctor and tell her this? or continue on the 50 mg for 5 more weeks before I see the psychiatrist again?  I can't take these moodswings and return to depression again.
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I meant to say I have just withdrawn Paroxetine
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I also forgot to mention that i went to my gp because although i felt great this week of being on these the palpitations I got were bad.
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Try to see if you can reschedule to see the P. Doc before the schedule date. Let them know you are having trouble with this particular medication
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seroquel stays in the body for 6 hrs. So perhaps you need to adjust your dose say 50 every 8 hrs. I take 100 seroquel: 25 morning and noon and fifty at night
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