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I recently visited my psychiatrist and she mentioned I definitely have ADHD. What meds for ADHD are best with my other meds:  depakote, Wellbutrin, and kolonapion. I am terribly forgetful, very distracted and it's affecting my job and family life.  Any advise is appreciated.
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We are not Psychiatrists. Why on earth wouldn't you ask your Dr when she told you about the ADHD. Futhermore, whoever prescribed you these other Drugs is the Dr to ask about more Drugs. What works for my Bipolar has nothing to do with the combination of drugs you are prescribed.pamela
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I just want to say that you are on medications for bipolar disorder, but I think you already know that. At any rate, I found that since I think the forgetfulness can be from the disorder, the meds, you're very busy life and getting older. I used to have an incrdible memory where I can remember events, time of day, the kind of clothes people and myself were wearing, etc., etc. However, I am finding that I forget little things now, and I have to resort to making lists and checking them off. Part of it is because of the effect of some meds, a health condition other than bipolar disorder, although it is likely the episodes of rapid cycling in the past contributed to it also, a busy schedule, etc. etc. I did notice that some of my medications did affect my memory, be ause when i got off of them, my memory improved. The only medication I wasn't on in your combination was depakote.

My memory is still very good, but it isn't so spectacular. I remember things as if it was played back on a video. I don't have ADHD.  I keep or improve my memory with mental exercises that sharpen or retain memory. I found after years of on and off stability with my bipolar disorder, I developed responses and habits that  do not help me very well. For that, I do behavioral therapy techniques which I practice, practice, practice. As physical/rehab/lifestyle changes therapies are important for physical illnesses, I do other therapies/lifestyle changes beside prescription medications. I really do believe and practice in the "wholistic" approach to mqintaining good health. I am not fanatical about it, but It is the approach that bacls my treatment plan, and it makes sense to me.

If it was me, I would ask the psychiatrist what does he/she see in me that supports the ADHD diagnosis.  Then,  I would give some thought to myself and read up on ADHD, and also explore other  factors  in myself and in my life sotuation could also explain those ADHD symptoms and characteristics he/she is talking about. I don't take everything my doctors say as gospel. A good clinician usually goes through a process of "ruling out possible consitions" and fine tuning down to the differential that support the final diagnosis or diagnoses. If I am not convinced, I usually get a second opinion, and sometimes a third. It is my mind and body that I have to live with, afterall. The way I see it, I am the only one with the real investment and care of my mind and body.

On the receiving end, they  have to qualify their diagnosis for me. There are times when I get admitted to the hospital and the inpatient psychiatrist would throw out my bipolar diagnosis or tack another thing on. The only concurrent diagnosis that makes sense to me is Post Teaumatic Stress Disorder. I could see, feel and know that it is a valid diagnosis.  That, and the fact that 2 other psychiatrists who I respect, also agreed with it. I also know it is so, because the therapies and drug treatment for my PTSD symptoms work. I can tell the difference between a bipolar  disorder and PTSD in myself.

Why hasn't the psychiatrist treated you with medications and/or recommended behavioral therapies for you ADHD all this time. It seems strange to me that you have the diagnosis but no treatment plan.

In the meantime, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving week with your family.

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