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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

I want to know the symptoms of bipolar disorder
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Bi Polar Disorder is also known as Manic Depression
The symptoms, are feelings of highs and lows, in severe cases the highs and lows are quite extreme. If a person is Bi Polar their "mood swings" are more drastic than most people.  

Sometimes it can become so extreme, that people never have the ability to feel the balance between ups and downs.

Mania, when a person is experiencing a phaze of escalated mood, will bring on many pleasurable feelings, feelings of being high or intoxicated, becoming overly hyper, increased desire for sex, jittery, feeling very energetic. Most people with Bi Polar, enjoy this part of the disorder, and the downside usually comes with the extreme crash at the end, where they delve into extreme lows, depression, feelings of nothingness and numbness. The low part of the mood, also has symptoms of depression, such as suicidal thoughts, anger, no appetite, or increased appetite, insomnia, inability to care for self, ect.
These periods can last for up to minutes, to hours, to many months each.

There are downsides to the ups too, for example, acting out of character, becoming impulsive, blowing money on things, not knowing what you are doing, falling "in love" with strangers or everyone you see, and many other things that one can possibly do when they are feeling so hyper and high. It is sometimes common for people to not be aware of their actions.  

In all this disorder can interfere with daily life, and should be medicated and treated.

Hopes this answers your question,
- Sabrina
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Sometimes bipolar disorder can also become so severe that the person actually experiences psychosis and can hear voices and other such things when they have a really bad depressive or manic episode.  I know at least that when a person experiences psychosis during depression, it's automatically considered severe.  Most seek treatment during the depressive stages and a lot end up stopping medication when their symptoms go away or because they miss the mania phases but this is also true for just about every other mental illness where someone will stop medication when their symptoms go away because they think they've been cured.
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Hi Marklouis
Well before my last admission to hospital local ofcourse in behavioral health are
the best I was treated...I went in where I thought everyone was out to get me and
follow me and that every guy was there to watch me JUST MEN<  yes all of this
I expressed to dr.
Anyhow I came in and with the psychotic episode where I also had two coronas
with a guy I didn't really know and then sat in front of the bar for three hours cause
I believed I was set up for police to pull me over dui as if somebody tipped them
and would not move..I even called the ny state police and asked them what to do.
I moved alright to this guys house and then had intimacy with somebody I did not
DID NOT LOVE JUST DID IT...AND THEN LEFT...Felt horrible actually..still do
Then next day I went in to the hospital for four weeks and I KNOW THEY HAVE

I believe this dr.  had it right the first time cause I have anxiety and depression after
all the ptsd my father died at 49 mom at 50, lost my son when I got sick and had to
have that fixed....and well long story there just alot of losses...

I know WEllbutrin 75mg IR vs. 300ER works better twice a day ya know..
Oh and wanted to know if I should take another Wellbutrin to catch up....?
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Hi seems like Bipolar is my pet. Well there are like 3 phases and 2 types.

Depression Hypo Mania and Mania then there is BP 1 and BPII

Depression is the slumps can include loss of appetite or excessive appetite, low energy, loss of interest in things that used to interest you, loss of libido, increased or decreased sleep, feelings of low self worth, shame feelings, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of hopelessness and despair or thoughts of the previous mentioned. Can include thoughts or plans for self harm. Can also include psychotic features like auditory or visual hallucinations.

Hypo mania is a feeling of invincibiliy, heightened energy, decreased need for sleep, increased sex drive, increased confidence, increased creativity, feelings of power, increased productivity, increased concentration. Not for everyone some have more energy but inability to concentrate they just think they are doing fabulous but others can tell they aren't. Often they are though. Business ventures, Shopping sprees, Vacations, Sexual ventures, these are in a way that one would not normally engage in or to an extent that is more excessive than normal.

Mania is more hyper than hypo mania and when it spins out of control. Mania is all of the above but intensified and becomes dangerous, a person often becomes delusional or grandious for example believes they are supernatural or possess supernatural or special abilities, Can read minds, fly, are smartest person on earth etc.. Paranoid features can sky rocket, also angry outburst are often forgotten, sometimes aggresion, hallucinations, perceptual distortions, loss of control, no sleep or very little sleep, no quality sleep, wreckless, confused, disorganized, SCARY!
The difference between BP1 and BP2 is that BP1 has more Manic episodes with psychotic features/hospitalizations or have placed the person in danger. BP2 are more likely to be hypo-manic fewer full blown manic episodes. It doesn't matter both are very difficult, can be life threatening and treatable. It's important to get treatment as early as possible if possible and if stable try to stick with a plan that is working. To end on an upnote: Many brilliant and creative people have Bipolar Mood Disorder :)
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Don't take another one to catch up, you could overdose by accident this way or experience side effects that are uncomfortable.
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My Doc told me if I take too much Wellbutrin I could have seizures.
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