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Bipolar Manic Episode

I am totally against making my daughter take Depakote to manage her manic episodes. The side effects and long term side effects are just awful and my daughter agrees about the effects on her body. My question is what other medications have been successful in mananging and slowing down the manic episodes and depressive as well?
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There are lots of other options. I think you should talk to her doctor about it. Good luck!
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I know out of all the different mood stabilizers Lamictal was the most effective and had the least problematical side effect profile for me but each person responds differently to each medication. This is a full list of mood stabilizers:
It would be worthwhile to discuss available options with her psychiatrist.
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Right now I am taking Lithium which has relatively few side effects. The main thing about Lithium is you have to drink a lot of water because it is hard on the kidneys. Lithium not only helps to stabilize mania but is also helpful with depression.

But, as ILADVOCATE says, everyone is different and everyone responds differently to each treatment. There are tons of combination of  meds for bipolar. It can take a long time to find the treatment that works.
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Thanks all! I will have to talk about other medicinal options with her psychiatrists. I've been researching Topomax so I think I'm going to make that suggestion. This is heartbreaking for me to watch and actually realize what bipolar really is and what it takes people through. I mean I've always known about it, but until you see it and/or go through that's when a true understanding is reached. I know you have to be strong so I definitely commend and respect those who have to manage this disorder along with all the other life issues that are thrown at you. I'm just trying to help my daughter as best I can and stay strong for her.....
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Also watch for other things like drug mixing combination. I believe Topomax is one of those that actually causes birth control pill failure. I know you're a mom and maybe don't want to consider this, but bipolar people are not always the best with judgment and tend to be reckless. So, having your daughter on a good birth control is a good idea. I mean, your daughter has enough on her plate right now and better safe than sorry.
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Depakote was a wonderful med for me to end the mania.  I was able to go to college, hold 3 part time jobs, get engaged, and get married.  What side effects are you concerned about?  The docs will do blood tests to avoid any liver problems.  
  I am currently taking Seroquel for mania.  It works very well.  The down part is the side effects of daytime drowsiness make it almost impossible to work.  
One year I took Lithium.  It left me feeling very depressed though.  
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