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Bipolar and Music

This may sound really stupid and mabye it is but just something im wondering...

How many people find music is great therapy when your on the lows? Ive been really really bad the last 5 days and im feeling really good today and it seems to be just when my music has come back..
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Not a stupid question. I have found music to be wonderful therapy. The music that I am listening to usually accurately correlates with my mood. I listen to depressing music when I am depressed because I feel like I can relate to the lyrics. It is kind of like expressing my emotions, if that makes sense. It helps me to not feel completely alone. When I am slightly manic, the music I listen to tends to be a lot more upbeat. I do not know what I would do without music...
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Wow im glad its not me.. =) yeah i love lyrics i can relate to some people have said before that im always depressed because i listen screaming punk and violent thrash metal but i find it does the opposite it gets me in a great mood and relaxes me so much.

I listen to it all night usually instead of tv mainly because i have insomnia most of the time :-/
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Sorry I haven't been around for a few days!!!

I used to listen to music which reflected my mood.  Nowadays however I find that I just can't listen to certain types of music.  If I do then it is usually when i'm hyper and then I put it on super loud with the bass turned right up and sing my lungs out!

I find music has a big effect on me, therefore I avoid slow depressing songs as they send me lower and I find it too painful.  I can also get a bit obsessive if I'm not careful and play the same song over and over and over and........

Like you, when I was younger (pre children) I would always listen to music to help me sleep - funny how we change.

Hope you are ok will be in touch soon.  :-)
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Yes!  I have an extraordinary ability to make party playlists.  i enjoy doing it and I'm told that there is some kind of genius to the music I compile.  I believe it.
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One of my key relaxation techs is music - there is one particular song that I listen to when I am feeling anxious or losing control and it works well for me.  music can indeed soothe the savage beast and I agree on playlists that match moods, I have several like that.
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Music I put on the head phones and tune the world out.  then  I feel at peace and ready to put my game face back on
I sing along to my radio at work too which the guys make fun of me but I dont care.
I even move to the groove  when the tune  is one I like which cause a great deal of amusement LOL!!! I do alright for a 51 year granny chic.
Love Venora
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Being bipolar means being a kind of special person with extra strong emotional ability.  Sometimes when we are at our best we can experience understanding, compassion and bliss.  We have extreme reactions to our experiences.  Maybe I should have said our reactions to things are often different and more intense that those of "normal" people. And sometimes we are misunderstood; sometimes we misunderstand.  We step back.  Music is an expression of emotion: there we are at home.

This idea that there are normal people is the "sin" of envy.
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that music might bring memorys from sometime when you were youger or just anything that mae you feel good..music helps us all in our own way..i love my music...james
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I find that certain music can change my mood. If I am in a bad mood then certain music will just depress me and some music will improve my mood.
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I'm the same way I can't even function without music, It's genuinely the best medicine. Especially writing your own songs and singing them, I find it helps the most.
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