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Bipolar and Music

Always wondered if BP sufferers tended to be be ''into'' any genres more than others because of the associations with creativity and stuff.

I find im very restrictive i'll listen to all kinds of metal and punk variants and sub-groups but absolute detest RnB and dance music and the **** you hear in most clubs
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My music collections range from classical to thrash metal and everything in between - I have playlists for punk, post punk, jazz, opera, acid jazz, country etc etc.

Its very dependant on mood for me as well, im depressed so im drawn to music that I find soothing - tonight its Diana Krall, Madeleine Peyroux and the like - female soft jazz singers which I find soothing - Earlier it was Nick Drake and at work today it was Pink Floyd heavily...

Mood is a big thing for me in music.  And music is a big tool to try and lift myself.
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There really isn't much in the way of music that I don't like.  My list would read a lot like monkeyc's with the exception of opera.  I also love soft rock, heavy rock and techno/dance, pop, RnB,............  

Depends on my mood and also the music can change my mood - it works both ways.
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Oh, and can I vote more than once as I like more than one category?
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Sure lol but it wont let you, wont let me vote punk and metal =/
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I like all types of music, and it really depends on my moods.  When I am manic - I am a BIG fan of Beck.  Depressed - it's Country.  Like the 70's, 80's hard rock, blue grass, you name it, but during those times, it's either Beck or country.

Big sprectrum, huh?
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  I concur with the consensus here and my taste in music is wildly divergent - rock, jazz, light opera, bluegrass, comedy, etc. - but NO country. However the light of my life right now is the alternative rock group "Elbow". Why no listing for alternative?
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For me, its: alternative, folk, and rock. When I am depressed, the music I listen to tends to be depressing. When I am hypomanic, I listen to music that is completely uncharacteristic of me - pop/R&B.
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Because i ran out of boxes :-P
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Then couldn't you have left out country for pete's sake?
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  Wait, I just checked - you did leave out country! How dare you, sir?
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Have to lump them in as "Other", lol
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Well mine is wildly divergent. In a depressive state I might listen to goth music, in an angry state I might listen to punk rock and when things are overall going well classic rock but I have a strong preference for jazz. My grandfather in the older generation played in the big bands in 40's but I like more modern jazz of a variety of kinds. If I have to say who my favorite musician is it would be Miles Davis. I honestly can't think of an album that is more relaxing than "Kind of Blue".
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Lol indeed i have ;-) along with opera, jazz etc i would never listen to them lol they not even music to me even though they are really and practioners of all 3 are very talented their just not my thing
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I'm suprised you don't have southern blue grass rock as a choice ;)
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I prefer strait bluegrass myself to be honest though I admit to being a Nickel Creek fan...  

Why not cumbia or tango or flamenco either ? :)
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Lol okay my summary based on (you lot) is bipolar people are very open minded and divergent lol or dare i say it.. over 40 >_< *hides*
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Cheeky!!! lol

I'm not quite there yet thank you very much ;-)
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Me neither but it is rushing up faster than I like...

I think the lesson is we are samplers, I bet if you looked at our reading habits you would see a similar thing, sampling different genre's - it seems most bipolars ive met are like that, into a lot of different things.

Or maybe we just lack focus.  
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That's an interesting thought monkeyc.  I have spurts of interest.  I will read nothing but thrillers for 6 months, then it will be autobiography, then crappy romance, then the classics etc etc.  Or it will be a phase of only reading one author.

Its the same with food.  I'll have fancies that last a few weeks - (do you feel sorry for my family yet, lol).  This last week its been food done in a slow cooker (crockpot).  Before that it was everything with a jacket potato.  Next week it could be all rice dishes or all fish dishes.

..... and don't get me started on career choices!
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Same lunch for months and then not again, obsessions with certain foods, certain chocolate types or brands..

I hear you.

I dont have the concentration to read much anymore and there are over 2000 books in this house on every subject and Im a compulsive DVD buyer - there's a stack of unwatched ones here over a foot tall (sales are fun) on my desk to watch.
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I'm wondering (forgive me if I'm stating the obvious), if our brains are constantly fighting routine?  I know families who stick to a fortnightly menu plan, have been in the same job for 25 plus years, keep their furniture in the same place FOREVER (this completely astounds me), never move home etc etc.

So, routine is important in managing BP yet keeping to a routine is particularly difficult.  I realise that when we discuss routine we are talking more about "time" and I do try and stick to a good time routine, give or take the odd hour.

I know what you mean about books, my husband goes mad at me, I have so many books and I buy more every week even though I haven't read all the ones I've already got.  My concentration is better than it was and I'm able to read for short periods of time again which is great.

I've also gone completely off topic - ooops - there's irony.
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Now the last 3 posts fits me perfectly there =/
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at least it makes us interesting ;-)
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I listen to new age and meditate alot  I like all music but the new age is profoundly soothing
I rock and roll when I am cleaning the house.
The meditation helps my manic phases.
Love Venora
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