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Bipolar and others things.

Okay, I have a lot of things at once so please stay with me.

     I am 19 years old, female, non smoker, drink socially. I have had major headaches for the past 10 years of my life. (stabbing like feeling, Area: Cerebellum, my Frontal lobe and Parietal lobe.) About 6 years ago, after all the major changes in my body had slowed down, I have had extremely bad mood swings, to depression. ( I didnt know why I was living!!! But I did not have a thought of slitting my wrist or anything). Now, as of 2 years ago, I have muscle spasms. Legs, face, and my hands seem to always be trembling.  Yes, I still have the headaches and my mood swings have calmed down some what, but my depression is worse now then ever. Also, I have had minor cases of seizures (not granny seizures), The DR. I went to said is was a Juvenal case of Epilepsy and would go away over the years. I had one about two months ago.

  WHAT  is going on with me?
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   Yes I would think the best thing to do now is have an evaluation by a neurologist and they could rule out the changes you are experiencing being caused by epilepsy or any other neurological concerns (which are treatable) and then refer you to a psychiatrist who would then decide what to do from there (as regards what is going on and what the appropriate medication would be if there are concerns other than psychiatric depending on what is happening). Its best to see the appropriate specialist rather than just a general doctor. Its crucial for any specific doctors you are seeing to discuss what is going on with each other so they can be aware of any other diagnosis or treatments prescribed over the years. Also try to think back if any thing occurred ten years ago that might have caused sudden changes such as a fall that could have potentially caused a traumatic brain injury as that can cause changes as well and sometimes people don't realize that at the time it happened and it would be worthwhile to discuss this with a doctor as well. You could post in the neurology forum as well.
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Im sorry I dont know can you insist on proper testing by doc?lily
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I am type 1 bipolar and have ADHD and PTSD but I just want to share with you the depression I went through for 2 years. My shrink had me on 7 different medications for 13 years and I was just numb, no ups at all so we tried a few things including doubling the dosage of most of my meds and electro-shock therapy(ect). The drugs I was treated with all those years stopped me from going manic but they stole my ability to feel any pleasure at all. The ECT just wiped my memory for about a year and I was still depressed. All my days and nights were spent on my couch in front of the tv blindly watching everthing. As I couldn't concentrate and had no interest in anything I realized my focus just wasn't there. I couldn't sleep when I was supposed to and I lost a lot of weight because I wasn't eating much either, as I had no interest in eating. I also neglected my wife and her needs during this time. Finally, out of desparation I told my shrink I was going off all 7 of my meds immediately. My shrink told me I would go manic and boy did I ever. In a four month period I waas unfaithful to my wife 4 times with different people and I got heavily into using cocaine and going out to the clubs every night. For 16 years until I went manic I was faithful to my wife until  this happened. Now 6weeks since the mania broke and I quit the cocaine I am just on 2 drugs and I am finally startingg to have a normal range of feelings again. The answer for me was 800mg. of seroquel xr daily and attending small group sessions daily for 8 weeks for people with mental health issues and addictions. the course is free here in North Vancouver and their follow-up after the 8 weeks is to connect you with the right type of counsellor(s). It really helps to have somebody to talk to who is completely neutral and worthy of trust, confidentiality.It doesn't matter if this is a counsellor, mental health provider or psychologist, or other sources of counsel can be found through searching online for local bipolar support groups and their links. Lots of people with bipolar are struggling finacially so there are several ways of getting free help orr low cost. Don't let the depression keep  that is hosted by a councelloryou down any longer. I imagine you don't feel like doing much most of the time. This is wherew you need to drag your *** a bit and make the effort to research by phone and internet for available help. This is when you can do something loving and caring for yourself. If you like and are able wait for that one positive hour or day and find out as much as you can about treatment for your bipolar disorder. In most cases this involves addressing or changing your meds and getting into a self help group
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Are you taking any meds?  

As far as headaches, they are sometimes linked to dehydration.  Are you drinking eight 8 ounce cups of water?  Are you drinking things that dehydrate you like coffee or tea?  

I agree with adel have you seen a neurologist?  
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