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Bipolar disorder than panic attacks?

I *had* bipolar disorder as a teenager and young adult.  Things were so bad that I tried suicide twice and went into the hospital for severe mania.  I was seeing things and hadn't slept for about a week.  But something really strange happened- my symptoms *stopped* about 5 years ago.  I was off all medications for 5 years, which from what the doctors tell me is absolutely remarkable.  But now, instead of bipolar symptoms, instead I have severe panic attacks that render me incapacitated.  However, with being put on prozac they have pretty much subsided.  Since starting prozac, however, I feel some of my mania coming back, which has me worried.

Has anyone ever heard of having bipolar and then suddenly "switching" to another mental disorder?  It's so strange and the doctors just shrug their shoulders.  I am so thankful for those 5 years I had symptoms free.  The doctors, however, tell me  that I should be prepared to be HIT by a major episode.  So confused!  Any insight?
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   Yes  bipolar can change as regards what is occurring and specific symptoms. Other conditions such as anxiety disorder can co exist. If you have started to experience mania after taking an anti-depressent its crucial to update your psychiatrist about this. If they are unable to help you might want to obtain a referral to someone who has more specific knowledge of mood disorders such as a mood disorders specialist who could then confer with your psychiatrist.
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Remissions are not uncommon with bipolar disorder. You can go years inbetween episodes, and then get one out of the blue. Taking an SSRI without a mood stabilizer can send a susceptible person into mania so if you are experiencing mania symptoms go to the psychiatrist right away. Chances are strong you need something different or in addition to the prozac.

I have never heard of someone switching disorders but it is common to have more than one, and even some physical disorders run together with mental disorders. For example you are more likely to have fibromyalgia if you are bipolar than the general public for some reason.

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Thank you both for your insight.  I notice that my "mania" symptoms happen for a few hours at a time and then dissipate.  I have been sleeping normally, which is good, and I am seeing a therapist who is keeping a careful eye on things with me.

I am hoping my true bipolar symptoms never come out again.  That would be miraculous and very very wonderful.
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Keep in mind that BP tends to worsen over time if not treated.  It sounds like you are ignoring manic symptoms.  Be careful.
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