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About 6 month ago a slowly took myself off my Prozoc 100mg and Abilify 30mg for bipolar 2. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach and the side effects I was getting sick off, weight gain, leg pain and just plain feeling nothing. I haven't told my psychiatrist yet she keep say how good I look at ever appt.  before I decided to do this I mentioned to her to switch my meds but she didn't want to because she thought I was doing so well on them.  I am feeling okay, I did going into a mania for about 3 weeks after stooping beds and haven't really been able to sleep. I'm still on klonopin, resipersdon?, adderal and Ambiem from psych dr. I'm feeling like a person again and even though I cry at just commercial, it's nice to feel something and not be a zombie.  I know I need to be on something but I'm worried psych dr is going to be very mad at me. I've been seeing her for 5 yrs. I've tried every drug out there and nothing has worked and I was just sick of being a zombie just laying around the house. Any suggestions on a mood stabilizer and depression medication that I won't gain tons of weight. TIA
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I gained a little but manageable. My day meds are 150mg Effexor. And 1mg Lorazepam 3X if needed. I usually take one in am & one in afternoon.
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