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Bipolar with anxiety disorders/OCD

Hi everyone! I've been a part of Medhelp for years, posting in addiction (I'm a person in long term drug and alcohol recovery) and anxiety forums like generalized and OCD. However this year at 32 years old, I was diagnosed with bipolar after my first couple episodes of mania. I haven't really experienced "normal lows", more episodes of high anxiety sand terrible OCD symptoms i haven't dealt with in years. Tonight i definitely noticed some manic symptoms, so I'm going to focus on songs self care. Even though Halloween is my favorite time of year, fall had always been the worst tome for my mental health. Food anyone else desk with multiple diagnoses like this?
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Sorry about all the typos, Swype typing. I hope you all understand what I'm saying.
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Hi there!  Hey, I'm glad to read of your recovery and it sounds like you've had your struggles over the years.  Life is truly a long journey.  :>)  So, this is a new diagnosis with new symptoms.  Is it atypical bipolar that they diagnosed you with?  I have had high bouts of cyclic anxiety that I tracked and seems to be part of my hormones.  (awesome, right?  LOL).  What is interesting is that you don't like the mania.  Mania is often a good feeling to those with bipolar.  They are high on the world, feel empowered, omnipotent.  They love it and everyone around them hates it.  Or are you speaking of reeling, unrelenting, whirling anxiety?  The mind won't quiet type of thing?  
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Mania is bad for me because of the money spending and I can see myself treating my family poorly. Yeah I have great energy and get really motivated, but my loved ones suffer and I know it. Right now is a "low", high anxiety, irritable, and tired. I was diagnosed with type 1, nothing was said about atypical  
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Yes, no peace of mind, racing thoughts, near panic anxiety.
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