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I seen something the other day im pretty sure it was feeling symptoms after drugs a year ago i took a edible to try it out.. well i had a friend over and she did it with me were not friends anymore i noticed her high was more different than mine it was more like a spiritual realm for me or a outside feeling i felt like i was dead in the afterlife and everything was silenced for a hour or so i was scared everything was distorted and i would usually sleep it off aswell for two days but when i was awake i listened to music it was like a concert it was peaceful i didnt really care and i felt empty i liked it same thing when doctors put me on ketamine but slightly different well after a while i got in a fight with a friend for fun while i was high so we were fighting for a while and then my high fades and all of the sudden i cant stop crying all of my emotions are flooding and i want to know if thats how everyone else feels??
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So, a year ago you did edibles and it sounds like a bad experience. Some people do react poorly to THC. Just like all drugs, medication or recreation, everyone reacts differently.  Comparing what happens to you to others isn't all that helpful in the big scheme of things.  It is one of those, it is what it is situations.  Feeling dead in the afterlife and picking fights is not a fun high.  Some things just aren't right for 'us' when they affect someone else differently.  It's okay.  There are other ways to relax. I am trying to understand what you are saying though. After you felt very peaceful similar to ketamine infusions? Similar but different as one is done for that affect on purpose.  What's making you think about this a year later I wonder?
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I have a thing where i think about things that happens later im not sure what it is and i just wanted to know someone elses answer im not sure if its because of my bipolar.. feeling calm later is meaning for a whole hour it was terrible i was feeling psychotic symptoms and then suddenly slowed down.. i know that someone who struggles with bipolar can feel symptoms after and i surely did..  and kind of like that like it reduced sound for me everything was quiet but not too quiet but i did felt like a soul or something its not a bad experience it was just very vivid but i also get vivid dreams so maybe thats it??
Ya, I'm not sure.  I wouldn't say that it's normal.  I know my son was going through a really 'bad' time and had his wisdom teeth out.  he went under anethesia briefly for it like everyone does. And it was kind of like a 'reset' after. He felt more calm and some of his previous 'thoughts' abated.

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