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Since I am considered disbabled and unable to work, I suffer from severe boredom.  How many others suffer also?  What can we do to alleviate this boredom?
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i do not work either and i hate it so much even if am busy at home or socializing ,i hate staying home,although working was really stressful for me and i had to slow down,,,,,,,my life style is extremely calm and slow which am getting to accept only 6 month ago. i have no choice , or else STRESS AND WORRY are gonna jump all over me and disable me mentally and physically .

however, this boredom thing is one of my character characteristics since i was a child,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i seek change in everything in my life which annoys my husband.

i just lose interest in anything i do despite the fact that i become really inspired at first ,even inspire others and they go on but i just stop (for example when i was a teenager i starting taking computer courses and was extremely interested in hardware and thought am gonna specialize in that field in college and every body in my family thought so and one night all stopped for no reason but my younger brother took over and pursue  it.......all my past life goes like that around my family and friends and as years passe they achieve all what i dreamt of and am just standing stuck)

the bottom line i never finished anything in my life EVER....even my studies i dropped out while i was in forth year at college.
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My limitations now are physical but are improving as I find out about new treatments and accomodations that can help me. I have to be honest because when I first resigned from part time work and realized that I was going to have to spend most of my time at home I did have suicidal ideations (over a year ago) but then I got realistic and got my life together. My physical recovery will be incomplete but networking and telecommuting on the computer takes up the bulk of my day. And as for psychiatric there was a year in 1997 when I was totally slogged on Zyprexa and spent most of my days sleeping.
  However, as for returning to work, for myself it was independent living centers that taught me about it but it can different for each person. Remember that Social Security offers work incentives where you can return to work partially and still stay under the benefits limit to see if you are capable of it and also start to get back into life. Go to their website ssa.gov.
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You need to find things to keep the boredom away. I have been disabled for about 20 yrs and tho I have my times, I walk, garden, do puzzles, watch the tube, clean or nap. Your life is up to you to control. You cannot control your mood but you can control boredom to a point.
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I work full time and I am bored a lot. My job often can't keep up with me when I'm racing. Also the job is really easy (mentally) so I get bored. But it is also stressful because I work with the public. I wish I had a creative job because I am an artistic person. But good luck finding an artistic job that actually pays money.

I used to be a stay at home mom, but then I was not bored very often. I would write or play computer games or watch t.v. or draw. I had a lot of little things I liked to do with my down time. I had a lot of things for when the depression would set in and I would lose interest. But, then at least I also had t.v. :(
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