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Bp 1, experiencing high anxieties and depression back.

.I experience uncontrollable laughter inappropriately and then immediately feeling depressed? I had one episode of this at my Psychiatrist office. That was the first time this had happened. Then for days after I would just blare out in laughter when there was nothing funny. Also, dx with bp 1. My main complaint now is anxiety out the roof and Im afraid to start a job and I live alone and have no income. I made a list full of phobias and anxieties I am dealing with for the Dr tomorrow. I am on various meds for the bp and ativan for anxiety(just started that but feel no effects) I take lamictal, remeron, latuda, shouldn't these meds be helping with the depression which has come back and terrible anxiety? Been on all meds except the ativan for a lengthy time. Just started ativan this week, Thanks for feedback.
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Talk to your Dr about teaching you CBT.
It will help with the anxiety. Also deep breathing. Yoga. Meditation. Mindfulness. Thought interruption.
  Sometimes you can experience a med burn out. Certain meds just stop working.  I'm not on antidepressants now, but they were a component that helped me for a while in my old bipolar cocktail. Wellbutrin( can be elevating) wasn't for me. And Cymbalta.
   Sometimes the doseage needs correcting.
What did Dr say about your laughing episode?  I've had screaming and crying, but not the laughter.
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Hi CR, the Dr thought it to be a mixed episode. What is CBT? I would be interested in learning the techniques you mentioned, most of which Ive never heard of. Can you give me more info or direct me to a good site which covers these techniques, Thank you for your help.
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It's called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Usually you work with an experienced psychologist to teach it to you.
I'm sure if you google it, there will be lots to read on the subject and you can teach yourself. I think the reason for the psychologist is the immediate feedback and guidance. It is a different way to help manage our mental health by controlling the thought process and recognizing triggers that cause distress.  Welcome to the forum. Maxy
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