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CBT, A good thing? or opening a huge can of worms?

Hello my good friends, advice needed!
My pyschiatric nurse has referred me for cognitive behavioural therapy, I have never been offered anything like this so I welcomed it with both hands..
Yesterday was my first meeting with the therapist, kind of a meet and greet to see if he can help me, we are doing an assessment next time. Anyway, he seems ok, but I got very upset while we talked about who I am etc. My nurse and partner were there and we discussed "me" we talked about my insight sometimes being a double edged sword, my over analysis of everything, and I suddenly became really emotional about an overdose I took when I was 11. There is so much about who I am that comes from my parents and my childhood. I am a parent now and I know its not easy to be emotionally there for your kids all the time, but I felt like he was saying that its all my parents fault, I don't want to sit there blaming them! Although they did hurt me and continue to do so..
I'm sure I'm not the only bipolar here that considers themselves to be highly complex, but I am so different that I don't know if this is gonna work.
I am worried that he is gonna probe so deep into my issues that it will induce an episode.. after he had gone it affected me all day.
I would love to hear your thoughts on cbt, the good and bad. Did you all have these fears? Has it helped your bipolar?
Very interested in what you all have to say!
Thanks in advance my lovelies! <3
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CBT works for me. It needs my meds to keep me coping, but it's a very useful tool when you need it. A lot will depend on how you & therapist hit it off. If you don't feel comfortable, then try to get another therapist. For me it was the therapist that I got along best with that helped the most. It turned my very negative outlook to a more positive & realistic mode of thought. It's all 'common sense' really, but it does help when someone helps to show you what's wrong & how to correct it. It won't be like a magic bullet, it does take time to sink in, when it does you'll be able to change how you look at things in an evidence based way. Hope you get as much benefit from it as I have & continue to do.Best wishes. George
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Thankyou George, I understand what you mean about the common sense thing, it does seem a lot like that, I hope I can re learn a few things and get away from negative thinking.
I am little worried that I will turn it into a counselling session because as soon as he asked me certain things I brought up my past and cried. He said it was more about the here and now really, did your therapist help you with issues about the past? I'm thinking that I have issues from childhood that I need help with and kind of thought he would help with them.
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cognitive behavioral therapy.  Always been suggested by friends, though I have not found a practitioner to use.  As I understand it, it's learning new ways to cope.

Freudian is going back and discussing childhood issues.  Digging up old issues certainly may trigger an old response.  

Hope you find ways that work for you...All the best,
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Thankyou, I have been referred on the hope that they can help me to cope with anxiety and agitation as they don't prescribe for anxiety very much, my pdoc will prescribe Valium or Lorazepam for 2 weeks maximum, so I'm hoping it will work and lessen the mixed episodes that I have had recently!
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