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Can one inheret Bipolar Disorder?

My father and my grandfather both have bipolar disorder and recently I feel like my entire world is crumbling around me. Nothing bad is happening to me but I feel like everyone is against me and are always yelling and trying to tare me apart peice by peice. I've been having fits of anger or fear well up inside of me whenever people talk to me and I get extremely annoyed when people try to associate or come near me period. Afterwords I feel extremely guilty about being rude to the people that were trying to talk to me and end up dwelling on it for hours. I fall into pits of dispair and fear and at times (recently all the time) I feel like everybodys out to get me or harm me in sone way even though they mean well. I don't know if i'm developing signs of Bipolar Disorder or if i'm just being stupid. My main question is: Can one inherit Bipolar Disorder? Or is there something wrong with me? Or am I just being rediculously silly about the whole thing and i'm perfectly fine and dandy?
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You do have bipolar disorder, and you did inherit it both genetically and from learning poor coping skills. I think the first thing you could benefit from is a good therapist to help you deal with people more effectively. I think you are also dealing with anxiety and depression because you have bipolar disorder, and you would benefit from a mood stabilizer and some antianxiety meds...it will be okay--it is just time to get some assistance in managing your life so you can feel better.
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Bipolar disorder does run in families.  It's important to not ignore how you are feeling- it sounds like these emotions are all the sudden coming up, I'd recommend getting to a doctor as soon as you can to talk things out and get the ball rolling on what your next steps are.

Let us know how you are doing!
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Bipolar disorder is hereditary but someemtimes it doesnt really surface untill you have been through some trauma
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It sounds like the symptoms are related to that diagnosis but don't label yourself. There can be other factors affecting your symptoms. Set up some support on the medical and emotional aspect to get a confirmation.

It helps to keep a record of your patterns in mood and sleep as well as outside factors like situations, sleep and daily habits that have trigerred a mood. This way you are able to see if something coincides with another. Also it helps when you can show the doc and he or she can see your perspective in a clearer way. The trackers in this site have helped a lot in my experience. You can also print out reports to show doc. I hope there will be an app. This has been the most throrough site and use it as opposed to an app.

Hope you can get something worked out for ya. :)
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