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Children and Bi-polar

Any one here have advice on how to handle bipolar disorder in a child. I have an 11 year old who has it, I love him to death but he is sucking the life right out of me. He is so manic. In one second he goes from happy to a lunatic, screaming cursing and even become physical with me. It is effecting the whole family.
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My only solution to you would be to have him  or her seek professional help to help determine the severity of the Bi-Polar condition. As an adult male who has Bi-polar disorder, I always suggest psychiatric care because that is the only way that this gets better for you. Perhaps a group home or a facility that deals with this kind of diagnosis with children could be the best thing for both you and your child. I recommend talking to your psychiatrist about this.
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Is he on meds?  If so, they may need to be adjusted.  If he's not, you may consider having him placed on meds or at least talk to his psychiatrist about options.  Is he in therapy?  This can help him learn things about handling/recognizing when he's in an episode.
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He is on meds, but I do not think I could ever put him in a group home. I thought about it but he suffers such separation anxiety and I would feel like I am giving up on him.
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My son is 6 almost 7 and I had to make the choice to have him placed in a 90 day therapeutic behavioral program that teaches him ways on handling his anger, and learning consequences for his behavior. He is on Meds, lithium, Respiradol and clonodine to help him sleep.  You are not doing your son any justice if he is not under Pscychiatric care. Bipolar is a disorder that deals with highs and lows of emotions and it can be very difficult for both the child and parent.  It would suck the life not just out of you but every one else around you. Not to mention that my dear son had 4 hospitalizations. The longest being 6 weeks.  He is doing very well in his program now. He is learning so much about consequences and values.  
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He is under psychiatric care. But we are not to pleased with the psychiatrist. We did have a meeting yesterday and they put him back on the clondadine and adjusted the Respiradol. I am going to have to do some checking around for some centers. We live in no mans land so pretty hard to find anything, It does not help that his sister was taken by ambulance last night to Er and we are currently waiting to see what time surgery is. I came home this am to spend some time with my little guy before I have to return to the hospital.  I am sitting here at my breaking point though. This is to much.
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My daughter is 7 and was diagnosed with bypolar at 3. She has been through medication after medication and she is currently awaiting to be placed back on risperdone. She sees a mental heath dr every 2 weeks and its very hard as a parent. The medicines are something that has to be monitored well by parents because they can have life altering side affects such as ticks and hert issues. I would seek professional help for your child with a Behavorial specialist so that they can begin helping your child and you to cope with this disorder.
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My poor dear. I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. You've gotten some good advice to help you plan through the future a little. Now just focus at the task at hand. And I pray you will have some rest and peace!
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