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Coping with Music

Since I write music I'm naturally curious about other people's taste in music and other such things and thus I'm curious about how you guys feel about music.  Do any of you listen to music to try to help improve your mood when you're perhaps depressed?  Is it mood appropriate and depressing when you're depressed or is it the exact opposite?  Myself, I find that listening to music that is appropriate to the mood helps the most instead of listening to the exact opposite.
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Waking up with BP mania attack - Beautiful Day by Elbow
The end of it all - Hallelujah covered by Rufus Wainright.
Manic obsession - Obsession by Sarah McLaughlin
The world is too much to bear - Fantine's song from Les Miserables
My life story - Loser by Beck

This subject turns me on...I was supposed to be some where 20 minutes ago! Music is my language, my comfort, my passion. It puts me under a spell and can bring back a whole world that I loost track of and bring me to my knees.
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Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult lately, but I find most country or 60's, 70's, and some 80's tend to soothe my soul and give me peace. My theme song? They're Coming to Take Me Away! by Napoleon's Ghost of course!
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That's 60,70 and some 80's rock n roll, didn't finish writing my thought.
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My friend Josh introduced me to Elbow, I've only heard two of their songs and would like to hear more but never got around to digging it yet.  I was particularly fond of Mirrorball.  Music is obviously my language and passion too since I'm a composer.  I unfortunately can't write from emotion because I'm usually either depressed or don't have any emotions but I apparently somehow still write music that people think is good and sometimes even merits an emotional response which is cool.  Every once in a while people even say it's "beautiful".

Hell, I sometimes even convey things better through music than I ever could through speech.
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Actually when I encounter a state of depression or dysphoric mania most likely something depresive such as the Cure (early albums before they became too mainstream), Joy Division, Velvet Underground or Nick Drake (favorite is his first album "Five Leaves Left", most people have heard the song "Pink Moon" off his last album, same title). If I am euphoric I would say classic rock from the 60's, any of the latter albums by the Beatles or the Byrds. If I am stressed and want to chill out, some early electronica such as (very early) Tangerine Dream or contemporary classical such as Philip Glass. Anything by Miles Davis I'll play at all times though or jazz in general. The more interesting thing for me is not to play music that fits my mood but to be listening to music and then realize from it what mental state it shows I am in.
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I love the Gnarls (sp?) Barkley song too, have been known to dance round the kitchen to that one!

I think you mean ''Wake me up when September ends'' by Green Day? Not surprised you sobbed to that at a school leaving service...I'm an emotional wreck at anything like that...as for nativity plays, well I'm hopeless.

Parisian Walkways is by Gary Moore, classic song I agree.

Your September question's just made me think of a fantasic UPBEAT song by Earth Wind & Fire, cheasy I know but I like it :-)

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