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Delusional thinking? Is she dangerous

A family member has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder with cluster b. Lately she has been acting quite delusional. Within one week she is all excited about having a conseltation for breast augmentation, had colon cancer surgery (had some biopsies, no surgery) and is now a survivor of cervical cancer and colon cancer according to what she posts on the internet. She has also made some comments on the internet that the father of her children took as threatening and now has taken away her supervised visits with her children for the time being. He has sole custody and primary physical placement. She also has been addicted to drugs for at least half of her life. My question is, is this behavior dangerous to her children, even in supervised situations.
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You should both see a psychiatrist and counselling for support. I also have bipolar and recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I am also a recovering drug addict. I have 4 beautiful boys the oldest 2 live with their dad. everyday is a struggle. i hate living with these disorders as no one understands fully and i find alot of people don't know how to treat people with these disorders. Ask why your friend is behaving in certain ways. It's hard but you all need heaps of support. I find circumstances trigger behaviours sometimes i am aware other times i not. I don't think she will be dangerous with her children. It depends on her mood how she will be i think things will be fine keepimg her kids from her will only make things worse for her and her kids.
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The best thing is to encourage her to see a psychiatrist. Rather than think yourself about whether that behavior makes her dangerous speak to the psychiatrist with her or have someone else go with her and have the psychiatrist determine it. If there are child custody cases sometimes as a condition of visitation psychiatric treatment can be mandated but best to see if she can be encouraged to seek it herself first.
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