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Depression and pain

This is a new symptom I am experiencing with my depression and don't know much about it. I was wondering if anyone else experienced pain with their depression, and how is it treated.
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Pain is often part of depression; there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.  It can come and go and sometimes changes.  Your description sounds a bit like fibromyalgia, but I'm not a Dr.  Have you tried pain meds...tylenol, ibuprofen, naprosyn, aspirin.  If so, keep track of the pain, activity and meds to take to the doctor; it would be helpful in diagnosing you.  Good luck.
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Can you describe the pain and where it is?
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My shoulders, upper back, arms, sometimes my neck. an aching pain.
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I keep getting these body aches, my doctor said it shouldn't be a side effect of the medication. But I have no idea what could be causing it then. It really sux though. It was so bad the other day I could barely walk.
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Hi , have you been exercising ? , that might be causing it or is it just happening for reasons unknown ?
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It just seems to be happening for no apparent reason. No no working out no overexerting myself.
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I went to the medical doctor and they are going to test me for arthritis.
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I wondered too if it might be fibromyalgia, but the doctor said she wanted to rule other stuff out first. My doc also prescribed me Mobic for the pain I have to take it every day in order for it to work she said. She wants me to come back in a month to see if it is working. The thing is I am not depressed and yet the pain still lingers. The pain has spread to my legs mid, and lower back. My hands sometimes cramp when holding my phone to my ear or just from holding a drink in my hand. I get pain in my arms and hands just from driving. The other day I was just at my computer typing for about 30 minutes and my arm cramped up so bad I was crying from the pain...I don't know maybe I am just a wus, lol.
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I'm glad that your doctor is investigating this further for you, I hope they come back clear for you.
Stress and depression having physical symptoms can also be a bodies way of saying slow down and take care of yourself for a minute. If living with mood disorder or stress is ongoing, at times the signals of distress your brain is sending can be constant and your brain will find it's own way of prioritizing them. Because they are automatic choices, you can miss the distress or danger warnings for quite some time.
Physical symptoms can be your distress alert back up kicking in.  The areas it targets are not comfortable and not easy to relieve either. It's function means while your head could consciously carry on regardless, your back up wont stop trying to alert you of a problem. The hopeful outcome being  a conscious rebalance is found,
I'm sorry if I've gone on too much, I just wanted to answer with as much relevant info as I could.
Take care and let me know how your getting on even if it's only a quick pm update.
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I am not officially diagnosed but have possible fibromyalgia which can apparently happen in conjunction with depression.
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