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Depression or ?

I had brain surgery in aug08. I couldnt even stay in bed after that because I was so hyper and happy. I also got alot of anxiety with it. I was hospitalized in sep09 for suicide threat and they put me on meds. they said I had MD and gave me remeron and zyprexa. I quit both and ever since have had weird mood swings of energized to depression where i cant even eat for days. was the high energy anxiety phase only caused by the surgery and would it last a year? also the surgery was for seizures in the right temporal lobe that came with fear auras.
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Of course discontinuing medications would bring back a return in symptoms but if this started after a brain operation the cause may very likely be neurological so it would be best to set up a consultation with a neurologist and they could then work with a psychiatrist to decide what to do from there. You could also post in the neurology forum for an informed answer by the staff neurologist.
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