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Okay so I stopped smoking recently and today while we were grocery shopping my mood shifted.  I don't understand why this happens and so quickly!  I feel as though Im worthless because I have no car, no job and I stay at home with my children.
A little background about my situation.  Im bipolar 1 with psychosis and so is my 13 year old daughter.  I decided in November of 08 that I needed to be home to see that she is okay after school because we can't trust to leave her home due to some things she did.  Well my car was costing around 500 a month and we decided together that it was best to get rid of it.  We did that in January and we just don't have the financial means to get another run around town type car for me, its just not feasible.  
Flash forward to today...I feel as though Im not pretty enough, skinny enough because since staying home I have put on a little weight, not a lot but to me when I can't get into my clothes comfortably it makes me upset.  I start obsessing over it.  Anyhow, I feel as though basically Im not worthy and this isnt all the time I feel this way just lately and I think it may have something to do with my quitting smoking cold turkey.  Im happy that I have decided to stop smoking but at the same time I don't like feeling worthless.  Make sense?  Okay!
I just don't understand why I feel so down right now I mean we have a great home and 2 wonderful children and we have 3 great dogs and a camper to go camping in and a pool to cool off in but I feel trapped as though Im stuck in a very small hole and can't get out so the chloserphobia sets in.  I have been very emotional too and its driving me crazy!

Any advice please....
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Smoking although clearly a good idea to stop does of course have withdrawal symptoms and also in noting why people with schizophrenia often smoked scientists are studying a new generation of antipsychotics based on the effects of nicotine (without the harmful effects). Clinical findings aside stopping smoking is rough for anyone so you can expect things to be difficult for a while and for standard symptoms from bipolar to worsen for a while. If you need any smoking cessation aides to help you can speak to your psychiatrist or doctor about it. As well they can adjust medications in the meantime so things are more stable if symptoms return.
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I quit smoking on Aug. 6th, and for 3 days after that, I was manic. I must have walked 10 miles in those 3 days. I kept telling myself that I just wanted to get healthy, but now that I think about it, I really had an episode. I cleaned alot, too. Anyway, I've had probably 10 cigarettes all month, and not one for 3 days now. So, what I'm saying is it's normal to feel 'not yourself' when you quit. We're just a little more extreme than others because of the bi-polar. I hope you're doing well at quitting and good luck!
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