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How many of you when you're depressed don't even feel sad at all?  When I was at the hospital they told me it was for a depressive episode later after I got out but the psychiatrist told me I didn't have enough criteria for depression before I was told that while I was staying there which I don't know why they would tell me conflicting information like that.  Anyway, they said it was a depressive episode when I actually didn't feel sad at all but rather anxious and stressed out beyond belief.
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The psychiatrist also was asking me questions related to depression such as "has your appetite changed?" and "are you sleeping differently?" but she stopped after asking me only three questions and I said no to all of them and that's when she said I didn't have enough criteria for depression.
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    Yes that's a complex one. I can feel depressed from to time as I have the bipolar aspect of schizoaffective disorder. I can also experience anhedonia and just want to disconnect from people. The two are separate but appear similar. Right now what I am experiencing in my life is clinically complex and they are monitoring it but I would not say the two aspects are gone. In the past though I would experience extreme mood changes and could go from manic to depressed and back again within hours. Mania was something I could feel as I felt sped up and after a while it got frightening. Depression sometimes just felt like I was having a bad day but after a while I realized that nothing was wrong in general or I reacted in a manner that was out of proportion to a minor event. I also had some medications that made me feel depressed.
     However the family member I have (who is not yet in treatment) with bipolar (they noted mainly depressive features) anxiety disorder and ocd can have an anxiety episode create mood changes and when they are depressed it can then worsen anxiety and cause them to have extreme insomnia, something they always had but didnt know why. All of these issues overlap in their effect and can be hard to separate.
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yes i had this several times. I know it's attacking me when i am in my mixed state, then i know that although i can function with energy but i must have been depressed. Also my appetite changes and sleep with difficulty.

I think what is called genuine depression or typical is that both your energy and mood are low, extremely low, then you can start thinking to hurt yourself. This is how i see it.

for me it isn't sadness rather ANGER, i become violent and dangerous.

God help us
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Yeah I know what you all mean, I think different professionals view things differently aswelll. For example during my most recent episode my pdoc said I was in a mixed state, I was angry at the world, crying, frustrated, hyper etc but a few weeks later my nurse said it was a depressive episode.. think each perspective is different. Sometimes when I'm low I don't feel sad, more sort of empty.
I think for some of us our episodes and symptoms evolve over the years, I don't know if this is. Because we learn different ways of coping or med changes I don't know but the episodes I had 10 years ago are different to now. I used to experience resistant catatonic depressions that lasted a few years at a time and short manias. Now I cycle rapidly and experience more mixed and hypomanic symptoms. Has anyone elses illness changed over the years or is it just me lol? I have also heard that changes are more likely in women, but we also have to consider what is happening in our lives too.
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Sorry for the typing errors I'm using my mobile!
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