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Diagnosed Bipolar?Lead normal life?

Can you lead a normal life after being diagnosed Bipolar?
I think you can lead a better than normal life. Another diagnosis Psychiatrists
used (same as Bipolar) was Manic Depressive. It is thought to be related to brain chemistry.Mood stabilizers are said to be the "gold standard" of treatment.Though,this disorder like many others
responds to "talk Therapy".
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I am seeking balance, I sure hope I don't turn normal, that is what scares me most about getting help. As I sit and tell stories or discuss my perception of things, I recgonize BP has shaped who I am. Therapy and meds have helped me to feel more balanced, but even my therapist agrees, I will never be normal. Phew, that was a relief. I think CBT and meds combined are what is working best for me. I resisted meds for many, many years, but now I see why people kept telling me to give it a shot. Maybe someday I can go al natural, but I better have a lot of space for that experiment. Better than normal, I like that.
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Me too. Let's start a new Forum. Better than Normal
What ya think? By invitation only? Ha ha ha I'm in a silly mood.
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How about The ExtraOrdinarium: The sanitarium for the hypersane. Only Crazy people need apply. You have to have at least one story to prove you are not normal. Wait a minute, then we have to define normal, now that starts gettin deep. How be we just all be friends? Even normal people, they deserve a chance too.
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Okay Dokay. Could we at least say no dumbwsses allowed? Har har har
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I'm not good at following rules, as long as you are the brain police, there can be rules.
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