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Diagnosed w/ Bipolar (Cyclothymia) and ADHD

Hello, I'm new here. Hopefully you all can be a little bit more detailed than my psychiatrist. Took some 200 question exam and some concentration test on the PC, and he asked me some background questions of course. But one thing that got me was that he didn't really ask much about what goes on in my head. I am well aware of whats going on in my brain (whether it be after the fact or during). Though the post says "Diagnosed w/ Bipolar (Cyclothymia) and ADHD" the psychiatrist only said I showed some signs of it, and was just vague overall. So, why didn't he dig a little deeper and try to gather a better understanding of my thought process etc? Does that just mean he learned enough to make a decision or am I just dealing w/ a psychiatrist who doesn't give a sh**? Now I'm waiting for my 5th appt and meeting back up w/ the doctor to talk about medications and I'm worried that the psychiatrist didn't gather enough information for the doctor to make an accurate decision on meds that I should try. ---A little background, I grew up w/ ADHD as a kid, was on Ritalin and such, have had about 4 psychiatrists as a kid and 9 counselors. My brain is always going a million miles an hour (if you couldn't have guessed from the length of this post, lol), whether I'm feeling happy or down. Can't concentrate or remember jack. More of the manic side of Bipolar, tend to do and say things that I regret later. And overall just act like a complete as*hole.

Was told ADHD meds can create adverse effects when combined w/ bipolar disorder. So, what do I do in the event that the doctor is still reluctant to prescribe me the meds and turns to counseling instead? Don't really know much about either disorder or meds for bipolar so I'd appreciate any input. Clear some of my confusion. :)
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Well... my doctor did the same thing but she also didn't bother to ask me specific questions like when my symptoms are happening such as whether it's during extreme moods or just randomly or whatever and if I'm suffering from other things which I didn't think at the time to tell her which from what I've been told could of given me a different diagnosis.  I mean she just gave me this little 12 question quiz after I told her a few symptoms and diagnosed me on that small amount of info.  I think it could be either they don't care of they're inexperienced, I don't think they have enough to just make a diagnosis if they don't have the entire picture as in your case.  Of course mine is just a general practitioner and I haven't seen a psychiatrist yet.  I obviously have suspicions that my diagnosis and treatment are inadequate and won't be satisfied until the whole picture is drawn out.

One thing you can try to do is write a document on what goes on in your head and give it to your psychiatrist.  I made a document on all my symptoms and traumatic experiences and biological and environmental factors contributing to my illness and how my meds have changed my life to give to a psychiatrist when I see one and was told I was a good patient for doing so.
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We have some good websites linked up for information. Find out more and then speak to your psychiatrist about it. ADHD medications can sometimes cause problems for people with bipolar but not always and they can often be helpful for ADHD. Look up the medication websites as well. Then you can discuss that issue further with them. I never went for long questionaires myself and I have to admit I didn't see one provider for that reason (but it was much longer than the one you mentioned and asked questions that were highly personal including whether a person had committed crimes and graphic sexual questions that no one would feel comfortable answering) and that was a referral and I asked my psychiatrist why that specific psychiatrist did that and he said it was to save money. I'd rather answer all the questions in person but it does save time. But if your provider isn't as helpful as you wish they could be if you inform yourself and discuss what's going on with them as there's always a potential to change that in a positive and constructive way.
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Seems to me you might be worrying about the wrong thing. In simple terms the role of the psychiatrist is to manage your symptoms with medications, therapy is for another specialist - a psychologist (or therapist) and I would be considering this (you have experience).
Try reading this free online book, particularly chapter 10.

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I was digsosed ADHD as a child . It wasn't till I was older . When I look back . It was misdignosed I was Bipolar . I had manic times more as a child . And I have my Pdoc , therapist , GPdoc all in same office . They all converse with my permission . That is all my Pdoc does is give meds. Therapist takes care of my head . My therapist has this forum site . She looks at my post and mood tracker . Like a journal . I also get racing thoughts . Doing meditation seems to be grounding ! Bill
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I am with your pdoc and i can see why he is reluctant to prescribe meds. You are too young and these types of psych behaviors either subside, go away or keep changing all the time. I was dx OCD for 4 years until i was discovered BP1. So unless you feel the urgency try another pdoc. Your parents must have an active role be around you. Consider a therapist too not just a pdoc. At the onset of illness of this type it's usually hard until the brain start to be stable.
Finally ADHD, panic disorder and OCD often either morph into BP (i read this once by a medical school although some people object here) or are gateways to it or diagnosed wrong until you are better dx BP. Illnesses like this is look like bus stops but the good news is BP is the terminus I think.

>>My brain is always going a million miles an hour (if you couldn't have guessed from the length of this post, lol), whether I'm feeling happy or down. Can't concentrate or remember jack. More of the manic side of Bipolar, tend to do and say things that I regret later. And overall just act like a complete as*hole.

These symptoms I know very well and typical BP so it really hard to tell whether it's BP alone or combined with other things. Therapists here help. Unfortunately you need a management by a group of consultants at the moment until you settle down a bit. In medicine this is called acute state not chronic. I would recommend truly that you get your parents or next of kin whatever involved with you. You are too young to realise your capabilities

good luck
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Problem, my parents have more problems than I do. Mother is full blown psycho bipolar. Step-dad acts like a sociopath. Drugs are an issue....yeah too much to list. Thankfully I've gotten away from that, this is the second time I've moved out. After a 3 yr relationship that took a dive, eventually moved back home cause my friends drank too much. Plus my parents are moving to the other side of the country soon. My mothers side of the family doesn't keep in touch anymore, because of my step father.

As for the comments regarding my age, that's why I'm worried about getting something figured out at 20, not when I'm older.... The aggression gets hard to control after awhile...
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Oh, and thanks for responses. Appreciate it.
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