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Do I have a serious possible mental problem?

Symptoms: Daily migraines, talking to self, fidgeting, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, mid-chest pain (under heart area but it might be nothing), liking of pain (sometimes but mostly liking the mid-chest pain), "black outs" with sometimes attempts of suicide by strangling/choking self, sexuality "difficulties" (can't figure out what they are (bisexual, asexual straigh,t ect.)), stress (over sexuality), personality changes meaning that they have multiple personalities but not like the disorder just multiple sides in one person but not bipolar.
This is for my friend.
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Any time someone is struggling with suicidal thoughts, it's very important to be seen by a doctor.  It's not a bad thing to talk to a professional and address issues like these and more- encourage your friend to go ahead and seek some help.  I hope they are able to do so with your encouragement!  
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Hello.  Definitely encourage your friend to speak to a doctor and very soon.  Mental health issues are treatable and they shouldn't have to live this way.  Suicide is scary and someone that has significant issues, is dreaming about it, etc. needs to speak to a professional.  Don't try to counsel the person yourself as this is outside the scope of friend to friend.  :>)  Even very kind, well meaning friends.  Let us know how your friend is doing!
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