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Do children need a bipolar parent?

Hello all,
I am currently in a crisis and had an argument with my partner. He said my children wouldn't need me and that other people think so too. I asked myself, is that the case? Would they be better off without me? I was thinking of moving away. When I am unwell, the children get unbalanced too.
I am a very loving mother trying to give my all, but because of my illness my partner looks after them mostly, so it would be possible without me, but is that good for the children?
Thank you!!
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Sweetie, your kids need you.  They do indeed.  I think you are wise to know that if your not regulated and in a bad place, that you may need to limit that impact on your kids.  And it should then be motivation to take your medication consistently ALWAYS, keep all of your appointments, monitor your mental health realistically.  But there are many bipolar people in this world who manage quite well.  Be one of those and do not allow your partner to hurt you this way.  That's what they are doing!  That's manipulative and cruel.  If the issue is that you need to manage your bipolar better, do it.  Just do it. But do it so that you are the healthiest you can be near your kids.  Do you see a psychiatrist and psychologist.
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Thank you so much!
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