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Do i have Bipolar disorder?

I once played a quiz about Disorder....it resulted that i have Bipolar Disorder though that might be wrong....I don know wats wrong with me...i go through lot of tensions often....I belong to a broken family, i don hav gud relation wit my dad, my mom is always pissed off with me...i am very insecured about my future...i believe that i'll never be happy...no one loves me...i don hav dat gud thinking about boys...i had seen boys cheating on gals...recently i broke up wit my bf for my own mistakes....he loved me a lot ....i am very depressed as i believed he can only make me happy...i go crazy sometyms...walk in a way as if im addicted...i cross roads not caring about what might hit me..throughout my life,my mood is always sad...even if i try enjoying all day or even havin a nice day somehow i am not happy about anything...i feel so depressed about evrything...i don hav gud sleeps and it is also difficult for me to sleep... Dis things were regular for me and now its getting more difficult as i lost my love....I try to change my mind, control myself, be busy but still i get depressed...What should i do?...Is it Bipolar Disorder?
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Yes some of what you describe (impulsive behavior, sudden change in moods and other things) do sound like the symptoms of bipolar. Only a psychiatrist can provide a diagnosis but it would be worth seeing one. However, an online quiz can be useless or misleading. We have some websites linked up on the welcome page:
that are clinically accurate but consumer friendly for informational purposes. Keep a mood tracker as well. You could then bring the information to a psychiatrist and they could better understand how to help you.
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