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Do you want to write a poem?

I thought it might be cool to write a poem together. We do need a theme though, any sugestions? We could all write a couple of lines per person and form a poem together. I have heard alot of people with bipolar disorder are writers. I have been writing poetry since I was 8 which makes it 20 years now. So how about it?
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So I relive it, every night, hoping by the morning that I am strong enough to fight. Head is spinning, chaotic trances winning. It doesn't matter how cold I have become, I am still affected by everyone. Shut them out, or crave their embrace, just depends on whom i let win the race.
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That's a creative poem. This is interseting to see others with Bi Polar who our Poetry Writers like me. I never thought about it until now but i have always either been a Short story writer or Poetry Writer since Middle school. I didn't know i was Bi Polar till early 30's so i guess i now know that most all my creative thoughts in writing were triggered through my Bi Polar. I never knew it was connected to Bi Polar until i started reading early Poetry and then researching about it on blogs. Thanks for sharing your Poetry words and idea. I would love to be a part of helping write a Poem on here but i'm afraid i will not find the right words and screw it up. I will hope to try when my mood allows it.
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That was very good! It really sounds like how it is to be bipolar in a way. However I don't know what to add to it, lol. Hmm

Out the window the stars and moon
hoping that I can fall asleep soon
for the days and nights may become a blur
my mind will slip even further away for sure
attempting to determine the real from the delusion
either way I am entertained by the grand illusion
life is a mystery beyond our capacity
but yet we still live it in our tenacity
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As the darkness lurks and the secrets creep, I try to save myself with restful sleep. The music works as a lullaby, silencing the screams and the tears I cry. But inside this so called rest there is another hell, dreaming of all the **** that made me fell.
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Returning to Life
  I said I haven't been able to write poems so long I have forgotten
My psychiatrist asks "have you tried writing a poem?"
next time I am back with one, hesistant crying a bit, the words are a jumble
but then I think what would have happened if I hadn't tried
its 5 A.M., the birds have started singing, still awake
I am looking at the world and its looking back at me so I decide to...
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Ok first person picks a theme and starts the poem. :-)
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