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Do you work full time, part time, or not at all?

I am just getting out of a six month episode and am ready to work - I think and hope. I was just wondering what your work arrangements are and if they working for you.
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Well right now I can't work because of my physical disability (I do some minor telecommuting to keep an income and some non profit advocacy which are separate) but when I did up until a couple of years ago I had specific reasonable accommodations set up such as a rest period because the (at that time standard) psychiatric medications I was on were very sedating. As well I defined within my job function from the beginning what I could and could not do and what my direct work would be. I worked at a place that worked peer to peer as regards people with disabilities so it was more accommodating than some other workplaces but I know people with bipolar that work at standard workplaces that set up accommodations such as having a time out when needed. Anywhere you work you need to set up reasonable accommodations when hired (they must not conflict with the main aspect of work which is the "essential function" of the job) or be something the workplace can't achieve ("undue burden"). However its best to disclose your disability then and not before the job is confirmed. You can find out more about what a reasonable accommodation is and what your rights are by going to the site ADA.gov
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I sort of work part time but I have to have a lot of accommodations for my paranoia and loss of concentration and such and I have schizophrenia which can be just as crippling functionality-wise as bipolar disorder can be in both their worst stages.  Everyone tells me it's a real accomplishment I even hold a job down, which I can agree with them there.  I can't get into the details of all my accommodations due to the nature of them.  One accommodation I have is an extra day off for example and another is being scheduled later as much as is possible so I don't have to be around the public as much as that causes me unduly stress.  Also my boss is understanding and thus a bit more lenient with me when I screw up.  If I had another boss I probably would be fired long before now.  I also know multiple people personally with bipolar disorder who work still and full time even, regardless of their illness, but that depends on the person themselves.  I don't know what accommodations these people have setup but I'm sure they have at least one or two because bipolar disorder can be a very crippling condition.
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I work part-time. I can't work a full time. I have problems with interacting with fellow co-workers and I feel crowded when I have to deal with them. My social skills have been affected greatly by my bp. It's hard to explain but I like my space and privacy. When you work full-time your co-workers expect the "team effort" and along with working it's easy to get upset over petty office politics. Being engage with the petty office politics is a real trigger for me.
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I've had to go incognito, I'm working fulltime as a Financial Planner and to be honest not coping very well at the moment with the stress levels.  I desperately want to tell work but know I'd be worked out of the company straight away.  It's really frustrating at the moment as even though I have Bipolar, any risk I may be to a clients portfolio would be far far less than the pressure I get put under to sell clients into products they shouldn't have and are by others around me.  It's likely I will lose my job because I won't do this, which I figure is one of the reason's I should stay in the industry, the other is because I simply love helping people.  The differences I have made to people's lives already has been quite humbling.

Even though I have had to keep quiet, I've been building my own accommodations as well.  One of the main ones was ensuring that I get the clients protfolios checked by the investment manager, essentially I've outsourced the main area of risk to someone better qualified who is able to look at portfolio's all day long, where I have to be out on the road.  I also have a couple of other financial planners on my mobile that I double check things with regularly and I also touch base with the disability employment service as well, who have been a great help.  I then also touch base with my psychologist every couple of weeks and make sure I keep up with my vitamins and do my mood tracker daily.

All that said and done if I do lose this job, I'm probably going to take a break with something a little less stressful for a while as I had a bad hypomanic period last year which has left me essentially burned out.

Sounds like you have had a good rest, the main thing I can recommend is to take it easy and not feel pressured to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Good luck and all the best, let us know how you go as well. :0)
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I start working a part time job on tomorrow.  I am already starting to stress.  The job is easy, taking care of an elderly gentleman, but I am so stressing.  The last few times I tried to work I go manic.  I am on disability so it's not that I have to have a part time job but mainly because I need to get out of the house and stop isolation.

It is also depressing to see how far this mental illness has taken over my life and what limitations it has put on me.  I think just seeing the progression over the years is the hardest.
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I work full time and it can be a struggle for me. But I have held the same job for 2.5 years, which is the longest I've ever stayed at one job, so I am proud of myself. I work very hard to get myself in everyday and to keep myself employed, it is a huge challenge. But I want to work as long as possible.
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Thank you for your responses (feel free to add more of course I am still interested in what people are doing
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Oh yeah I guess I should say I've worked in the same job for 5 or 6 years now.  Don't know how I've done that but I did somehow.
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I'm onto my 5 job in one year, just working on trying to keep a job at the moment.  Disability Employment services here are giving me a great hand.  Being realistic about the situation and understanding I need the experience before I can move on to a better job.

Being really helpful, have said if it all gets too much they will help find me another job straight away. Knowing I don't have to stay is actually making it easier to stay as I don't feel the pressure as much now.
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I started a casual (they give me a few hours a week) job. It is sooooo boring. Its in this pokey little women's clothing boutique. There is entire evenings when no one comes in. It is so pokey they actually have time to windex the hooks of the hangers so they are sparkly. I think this has encouraged me to look for full time work. More predictable hours, and something where my brain can actually be used. I don't do bored well.
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I currently work part-time.  I have been at this job for 4 years now.  Luckily, I work mostly alone in the office (I do bookkeeping and a variety of other tasks for a small business).  My boss in very lenient as to my hours, and punctuality is not that important as long as I get my work done.  I don't have to deal with the public at all and don't have to answer phones so there is very little stress.  Any communication I do via email or fax, so that makes it a lot easier for me since I also have anxiety issues.  I also get to take my dog to work which is very comforting.
I am on disability, but having a reason to get out of the house, and keep on a schedule is very important for me.
I'm not sure how I was so lucky to find this job, but I just applied online on a whim and got the job.  It is perfect for my disabilities.
There is a program called "Vocational Rehabilitation," which I think is a national program.  It helps people with disabilities find jobs that work with a persons abilities and disabilities.  It also paid for my tuition when I went back to school.   It is a great program.  Check on the internet or with your local "Office of Public Assistance"  for the phone number for a program in your area.
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I now work parttime. I am an attorney and had my own practice for 5 years. I had major health scare (cancer) which gave me an excuse to shut the business down and take a part time paralegal job. I have been doing that for 3 years and have been volunteering on the side with many! projects. I am burning out and flaking out on a lot of them now and just want to not leave my house now.

I was diagnosed in the fall (09) and am just now coming to terms with the disorder, what I can and can't manage, how to find the triggers. I am very overwhelmed.
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I am so sorry you are burnt out. I've been there and it isn't a fun place to be. It takes a long time to come to terms with this disorder. It is so much a part of every facet of your life. I've been diagnosed nearly 6 years now and still stuggle on occasion, but it is much easier than when first diagnosed. If you want a really good book "Taking Charge of Bipolar Disorder" by Julie Fast and John Preston. She is bipolar 2 ultra ultra rapid cycling and her boyfriend (or husband) is bipolar 1. I've read this book cover to cover twice (except the insurance sections because in Canada we have universal healthcare)
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Ive been working in a deli part time next month will be a year. its ok but i get really irritable with the customers alot, and sometimes i just want to work alone because some of the other people i work with **** me off. i also go to college part time as well. and i hope my BP doesnt ruin my dreams of becoming a ER nurse.
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well i was diagnosed with bi polar 3 years ago and during that time i completed my degree and held down a job at the same time and also helped with my familys business. but about 9 months ago i had a very bad low episode and took an overdose. i am living at home now. it can be a little annoying at times as i was indipendent. but im getting back on track again, im getting my driving licence and am looking at a new place to live. bipolar can be seen as either a blessing or a curse (or both!) it has made my life very difficult but at the same time when i use whatever "essence" the bipolar has given me, i can be the best at whatever i turn my hand to. i can work and be a productive member of society i just have to choose my path carefully!
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Thank you for your comment and suggested reading. I feel better knowing that I am not alone.
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I am going to college for nursing, too.  I am taking my general education now before I can be accepted into the program.  I have worried if the diagnosis will keep me from being accepted.  Have you had any dealings with that question?

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I work as much as I want (always part time for me) from home. I also take care of my 2 kiddos, who are 1st grade and PreK (special ed at public school) now.

I was working full time, but my son was having MAJOR issues at day care (he was 2)... he was diagnosed with autism very shortly after. I quit my job to be here for him - he needed it (and still does).
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not working due to illness and copd..
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Well I applied for two jobs. One was part-time and one full time. When they were describing the full time job I knew I couldn't take it even if I get offered it. I didn't get the part time job but am okay with that.

I am currently working with a job developer through Canadian Mental health and she is going to help me get a job working as a maid or front desk person at a hotel. I can't say enough good things about Canadian Mental Health in my area. They offer recreational programming every day. They help people get jobs and do a lot of lifeskills and job development training. And you get a free membership to the YMCA. And there is no cost to any of it. So any Canadians out there - if you need help this is one place to check out.

I think I am going to go part time for now and see where I am at in a few months time.
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I've already said so in other posts but I thought I would update this one.  I lost my job and work nowhere currently.
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