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Does anyone know changes in the diet that can help with bipolar?

Ok...I have posted a question once and received no responses. I am posting this question is a shorter format in hopes someone will answer me. My husband was dxs bipolar last year. But he refuses help due to his family beliefs that mental health issues are not real issues. Therefore, I wanted to see if there is anything I can add to his diet to help with his depression and manic stages? I am the one that cooks and comes up with our meals so I believe I can easily add something if needed...

Please answer back with any help advice
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Update while no one has responded to me I decided to turn to the one who never will leave me nor forsake me. I began to pray...

God is amazing. He gave my husband peace and stomped out our enemy. I know that bipolar is a true disorder but when nothing seems to be working and your love one doesn't want help. All you have left is prayer.

Although in reality that should have been the first place I turned. God is good and has given us all the peace and love we need.

Have a blessed day or night everyone...
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Sorry you didn't get any responses.  My 19 year old daughter has bipolar (mostly depression).  I wish people would understand that mental illness is an actual, physical illness of the body.  The feelings and behaviors are stmptoms of the illness.  
Anyway, back to your question.  While I can't get my daughter to make big changes to her diet, keeping your blood sugar levels from spiking can be helpful in keeping moods more even.  Many people also claim a paleo diet is helpful.  We do treat with vitamins and supplements in addition to her mood stablizer med.  Maybe your husband would be more willing to try natural remedies?  There are several good books on the subject including "Nutrient Power" by Dr William Walsh and "Med Free Bipolar".  Also look into other causes of his symptoms such as thyroid issues (my daughter has hypothyroidism) or even gut issues. Best of luck.  I know how difficult it can be caring for a loved one with this illness.  
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Thank you I will look into the books. I really believe I was the perfect match for my husband because my mom is bipolar. It is hard but I have noticed the more I catch him on his good days the more I can get him to realize that he does need help or to at least consider making life style changes.

Thanks for your response and I pray that your daughter shows improvement as well.
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