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I'm just curious about your racing thoughts.  My thoughts tend to be thoughts of ideas, theory,analyzing and sometimes about conversations with myslef and sometimes past conversations.  When I am having a mixed episode my racing thoughts are all about suicide, plans, reasons to , reasons not to, etc.
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My thoughts are anything and everything it seems, but mainly homicidal, sex, money, working, drinking, having cravings. Like I said anything and everything
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My racing thoughts are just normal thoughts through a blender... what needs to be done, what I'm doing, what I need, etc - along with conversation-type thoughts... Just day to day stuff that is incoherent once they're rapid fire.

Mixed is not pretty. I started having bizarre hurting myself or others thoughts, super paranoid thoughts, along with some anxiety 'everything is going wrong in my life' thoughts... then throw in some 'it's going to be okay' type reassurances occasionally...
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Yes I tend to have racing thoughts about grandiose delusions about changing the world. I was discussing that with my psychiatrist the other day. After thinking about it I can usually take some of the more realistic ideas and work on them in a real world manner and check with people I know to see if what I am doing makes sense. I do have obsessive thoughts about what is going on with where I live (the city itself), people I know and things in life in general and as much of it has fixed obsessions that was why I was originally diagnosed with ocd.
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I have lots of ideas, lots of times grandiose plans. It's good fun for a little while but can end up being really distracting, to the point where I have trouble typing as by the time I've typed a sentence I've had about 10 ideas go through my head.  Some of them really good.
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Yes, that is exactly how my thoughts are...lots of ideas, grandiose plans and ever changing and switching and it will wear you down.  Do you get the mixed episodes too?
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i have obbevie thioughts abut everything..then the xanax slows that down..but when im hypomanic i think of monney ways and females!!
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