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Effexor XR, Lamictal, Klonopin and Lunesta combination?

What are the effects of taking 75mg of Effexor XR, 100mg of Lamictal and 1.5mg of klonopin in the evening, plus Lunesta for sleep? How is this affecting my brain and liver? I have Bipolar 2 with mixed episodes plus generalized anxiety disorder and have been hospitalized twice in the past 10 years for severe depressive episodes. I drink about 15 units of wine a week which I am trying to cut down to 5 to 7, using an increased dose of klonopin taken at an earlier time in the evening right when I start to want to have a glass of wine. Do you think this protocol is good one for me?
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Greetings! it sounds like you and I are quite similar in our diagnosis and dealings with our disease. I am Bipolar 2 with GAD as well, along with OCD and possible BPD. Ugh.

I'm not sure what the effect of taking your evening cocktail of meds has on your brain/liver, but unfortunately, with our illness, we kind of have to risk it in order to maintain a hopefully "normal" existence. I take neurontin, cymbalta, abilify, vyvanse and sometimes vistral in the morning, and continue to take 600mg of neurontin every four to six hours throughout the day and finally two at bedtime. I take vistral as needed for anxiety. Its a lot of medication, but it's what it takes to keep me functioning as normal as possible and not let my bipolarII take over.

I too am a big wine drinker. I think that your idea of increasing your dosage of Klonipin in the evenings in order to curb your wine intake is not a bad one. It sounds like something I would do. The only thing is, I'm not sure that it's a very wise idea to mix the two; of course, we're not supposed to drink with any of the meds we're on. OY! It's just not that easy though, is it. When you say you drink about 15 units, do you mean glasses or bottles. I am embarrassed to say that I drink about 5-7 bottles per week; not to mention the addition of beer and sometimes a margarita or two when we go out to eat, which is a lot.

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