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Evening time depression

Hi all! I am new and wanted some input on a concern that I have had for awhile. I wake up happy everyday ( before I take my meds) That sounds wonderful and it is a really good feeling. And of course I have some small ups and downs throughout the day but when it comes to evening- I get depressed. I have talked with my pdoc about this and I have switched my eating habits and also adjusted the time I take my meds. This has helped a little bit. I was wondering if anyone else is more depressed at a certain time of day? Thanks!
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Yes, I get more depressed at the end of the day. If I'm more manic, it's worse in the am.
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I have the same problem.  I am so busy and running around during the day that I almost forget I am bipolar.  But at night (if I go to bed before my husband) as soon as my head hits the pillow here come the racing thoughts.........and not the good ones.  I need to find a coping mechanism or adjust my meds.  As of now I take my meds every day at 1:00pm.  
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I tend to wake up in the morning feeling lousy, up and down during the day, then better at night.  I just feel better having made it through another day.
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That's great that you wake up happy.  Sometimes I wake up almost in an anxiety attack!

For a while I did have a terrible depression that would come over me as soon as it started to get dark out.  After I realized it was happening every night, I started using some coping mechanisms and was able to stop the cycle.

It's good that you realize your more depressed at a certain time of the day.  The fact that your aware of it means you can do something about it.  I hope it gets better for you soon!
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I am the opposite of you. I am most depressed in the morning.   Do you think your meds could be a factor in your low mood?  Just a thought. OTOH I think its worth checking with your pdoc.
That's interesting.  Do you think that time of day you take your medication factors in as well? My son has trouble at night.  some mornings he wakes up with low mood though but usually that is after a long night of 'too much thinking' or scary thoughts.
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