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Extreme reactions to dreams; unique to bipolar?

I have dreams, as most people do, but mine often leave me waking with feeling agitated or depressed or angry.  Is this common for other people that have bipolar disorder or is everyone like this?  I've never heard anyone else mention having this extreme lingering emotion.  
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For me it typically happens when I am in a deep sleep and the dream turns into a lucid one.  Lucid dreams are like being conscious in your sleep.  It is hard when it is a nightmare but great when it is a good dream.  Last night I had a stressful nightmare and I woke this morning on the edge and panicky.  I choked someone last night in my dream and to be honest even thinking about him right now (although he does not exist and I do not know who it was representing) I can still feel his neck and the anger I had when I did it.
Not sure if this is a strictly bipolar thing but I am pretty sure it is in the mental illness family mostly.
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I have had dreams like that on certain meds.  Ask your doctor, it could be a passing effect.
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It's the same way with me. I had it for a very long time.
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