hi guys ..it has been a while

i am not doing well at all.........mixed feelings and i do not know what to do with myself ,,,,,,,,,but i am sick of talking and even people around me do not take it any more ,,why do i have to pout my depression upon someone,?,,,,,,,,have stopped doing that for 2 or 3 month and it is not easy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,especially when i have feeling of unexplained fear like now,,,,,,,i wish to die to top this feeling

am not taking meds as a preparation for pregnancy and am not sure i can do it,,,,,,,,,,,,even when i was on meds i was not ok,,,it is the same

sorry if i do not reply back ,sometimes i just cannot even type i just sit doing nothing ,maybe read the comments and want to write back but i just cannot......................

.i know i am not making sense but it feels as if somebody is listening but without the guilt of upsetting them....................thx
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I am listening!

It sounds as though you are in a very dark place right now. I wish I had the perfect words to say to you to make it all go away. I am very concerned.

We, all of us here, understand what it is like to feel so incredibly overwhelmed, so terribly down and hopeless. Many of us have thought and/or said that we wanted to die, to end it all and make it go away.

We understand, we have been there and its awful BUT WE ARE STILL HERE!!!! I say this because I want to prove to you that the horrible darkness you are drowning in WILL PASS. When you ask? That is something I cannot answer but with proper medical help and time you will feel better. Right now its ESSENTIAL YOU SEEK SUPPORT ASAP!!!


Sending you rays of sunshine.
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I have had every almost thought you expressed and so know what you are going through. I am sorry if you don't feel up to replying but that is ok. You do what you have to do.... except to lose hope. If you don't feel it, then let us feel it for you until you can get some back again.
Please keep writing to us as writing can be healing in some cases a little, once and awhile a lot. We are here for you and we do listen.

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Please don't lose hope, and don't hurt yourself.  That horrible, deep, dark hole is the worst thing in the world.  There are meds that can be taken during pregnancy; please work with your doctor.  Please DO get help if it gets too bad...it's alway available, not something to fear or be ashamed of...short term hospitalization could help get a treatment plan for your pregnancy in place while you stay safe.
Take care.  Let us know how you're doing.  I care.
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I've been there, too. And I'm listening.

Keep posting, we're all here, and we've all been there before. We understand.
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You poor thing. Please know That there are medications you can take during your pregnancy. I was able to safely take Prozac during my last pregnancy. That was 5 years ago and my son is brilliant. No side effects, just a very smart loving little boy. There is a book called Mothers Milk, and it is a list of all the medications you can take safely while pregnant that show only minimal traces of the medications that pass through the placenta. You are not alone, and there is help for you. You want your pregnancy to be somewhat enjoyable. Please talk to your doctor about medication.
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