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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Ever notice that even on medication the swings between manic an depression can be tough?  the depression starts out small..something gone wrong..then another..then another..etc.  Soon, where you felt you where on level ground, it gives way and you're falling.  you grasp to stop the fall but one thnig about a hole is that it gets drker the deeper you fall.  Soon you switch from tryng to stop yourself and climbing out to dealing with the darkness around you.  when you hit that point, it really feels impossible to climb out again.
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This is why therapy is also usually given alongside medication so we can learn to deal with breakthrough symptoms that may come up.
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I'm SOO with you, great title falling down the rabbit hole!

Manic is great relatively, but followed by depression and the horribly mixed state as I switch between the two extremes!

I have found my medication has made the mood swings more rapid and worse. I'm finding great relief with a mood stabiliser and reduced effexor.

It so feels impossible to climb out, and you sort of think why bother, I'll only fall in again. But it will end, and there will be a bit of sunshine for a while..
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