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Family History yet each Doctor tells you differently.

            My family has a history of Bipolar Disorder amongst other things.  When I was told I had Bipolar Disorder one said I was this and this. But each said differently. My question to each now because of lately reactions to medications I have no unearthly idea what Bipolar Category I fall under. I have a few post on here, I was on Celexa for 8 years Ambilfy 8 years before that Welbutron, Zoloft and more. While on Celexa they added Ambien Klonopin I know Celexa is a SSRI drug, I read that without someone telling me You do not mix medications in the SSRI or other extra. I also read on the pdf from Celxa that it stated. That let it be noted Clexa was not to be treated for bipolar depression yet I get it could be and the recomendation dosage for Celexa is 20mg I was on 40 not all the time. My family has adhd in it my brother, my son aspergers NO I do not have autism, since I know it would be asked because it has been. I was also given another anxiety precpiton. which we did not fill. Celexa can cause anexity, insomia all these side affects which I told my doctor I was having yet added more medications. They diagnosed me btw with Bipolar back in 1998, I have a thyroid problem hypothyroidism yes my levels are undercontrol. Which yes can cause bipolar. I also have Chromsone 22 q. 11 deletion. Which yes can cause bipolar and autism. amongst other things. I am off of Celexa now but I went through major trauma getting off that medication. I did read the information online because talking to the pharmisicist and the doctor like many sugusted goes in and out the ear. So now I am on Topmax 400 mg. My synthroid I would have to check what mg Vitamid D2 only every other week.
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What is your question?
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i suppose the mess is due to your doctors. Not only one mixes drugs but CANNOT mix doctors. If you consult 10 of them you will eventually get 10 different answers. True this applies to other fields but psychiatry especially has this bad drawback. Why? because they don't know much about the brain, psychiatry dates only not more than a century back so a hard subject and the drugs are a few in terms of classes not brands. You should stick to one doctor whom you think is convincing and let him try with you the least amount of drugs possible first. Rule no 1 don't mix antidepressants. as to celexa the dose 20-60 so 40 in the middle.

Asperger people can have mood problems but not bipolar disorder. I know one who takes zyprexa as a stabilizer and cipram too. It isn't like you have fever so you takes antibiotics full stop, in psych illness symptoms come in a package. So although you have asperger say but you manifest symptoms of mood and anxiety. It's very tricky and the best pdocs do mistakes. If i go back in time sure I wouldn't go to see a pdoc. all my problems came from the mistakes of doctors. My 1st mania is due to my pdoc because the drugs play with your brain let alone their side effects.

My advise to you is to restart from square 1 and see s good doctor.
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I think with celexa and all antidepressants for bipolar people it can make them manic unless they also take a mood stabilizer. You can go to 10 different doctors and get 10 different answers. Find one you like and stick with him/her. Alot of times the symptoms of mental illnesses overlap each other and can sometimes make diagnosis hard. That is why it is important to try and find one psychiatrist and stick with them. They probably need to observe you and your symptoms over time to make an accurate diagnosis.
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