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Feeling very manic

Meds have been changed yet again, stll not sleeping, feel like everything needs to change couldnt hardly sleep last night, today washed everything, rearranged entire room, took all my piercings out, colored my hair and still feelig manic, but exhausted....I dont know what to do...
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Have you let your doctor know about this?  He/She should be made aware anytime a change occurs this drastically after a med adjustment.

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I would inform my psychiatrist if I was in your position.  I don't know if you write like this normally, but due to your run on sentences you kinda sound manic in your writing.
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Sorry to hear that.  I see that you have ptsd, and that must be hard to deal with.  I would prob go see a dr if I were you.  
But thats kinda cool, you colored your hair when feeling manic.  I did that once.  Hey, its better than going out gettin wasted.
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No I havent let my doctor know, my meds were just changed friday, was hoping things would get a lil better before I needed to call.
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I do write like that alot of the time, mostly so I can get it all out before I forget what I wanna say.
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Thanks for responding. Sometimes its hard to deal with, figuring out my triggers has been the hardest part. Going back to the doctor tmro, hoepfully figure somthing out. I love coloring my hair. I like that I can change my appearance whenever I want...
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