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Going Downhill

I have bipolar 2 and I have been doing ok for almost a year but lately I think I have reached my stress threshold.  I'm moving, taking summer classes at school, working, studying for clep tests, getting a show ready for a gallery opening, and I'm broke and need $1600 for oral surgery.... I just finished taking a ridiculously heavy course load at school and working like crazy and I was able to handle it very well.  But, the last couple of days I have been exhausted, dizzy, jumpy, and have trouble concentrating, sleeping.  I'm not sad, but just worried if I'll get sick again.  I wonder if this "normal" stress or depression coming on?  Is it possible to tell?

Does anyone have good tips on stress management?  My first idea was to slow things down a little, but I don't know how.  I can't cut back on my hours at work because I need money for tuition and medical expenses, I need to take the classes because I'm about to graduate and I need to hurry up and get a full time job.  I need to pass these clep tests so I can afford to finish school.  Of course if I get full-blown sick I can't do any of these things.

How do y'all get through stressful times without irritating your symptoms?  I'm afraid to tell the doctor because the first thing he will try to do is shove more meds down my mouth.   I don't know whether it is worth giving up and putting my life on hold to save my sanity or soldiering on for the next six months until I graduate.

Any advice would be splendid
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Look stress can worsen bipolar or depression just like it can any disability or condition. If its the stress that's worsening in some cases its worth talking over with your talk therapist and that certainly applies. But as you have some very real world issues such as financial issues that should be dealt with as well. You could find more about health coverage options at your local independent living center:
You should tell your psychiatrist but explain its a reaction
to something very real in your life.
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thanks, I'll check that website out.
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