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Going in for an Evaluation

I'm going to be psychologically evaluated on Nov. 4th. I'm excited because for years I have felt like something else has been going on, not just depression. I could never figure it out but now I think the doctors are on the right track. I'm a bit concerned about a few things, but I know that overall this is the closest I've been to figuring out what is wrong with me.

My only concern is that it seems like bipolar disorder is over-diagnosed, or rather misdiagnosed a lot. It's crazy how many people I know or have met who have been diagnosed as bipolar. Now, is this just coincidence? Or are they really diagnosing this disorder more frequently?

Or more interestingly, maybe bipolar people tend to attract each other? I know that sounds sort of crazy but I cannot believe how many bipolar people I know. And also my boyfriend was diagnosed as bipolar last year. Is this for real? I'm just wondering if this is a coincidence or if there is something else going on.

As for my boyfriend I can definitely see the mania/depression. I don't understand how I didn't see it in myself, though. I finally went to the doctor and talked about my experiences and now I'm going in for the evaluation soon. I'm excited but I just fear for another misdiagnosis. Thank you all for listening.
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Sorry I should have been clear: I'm going in for a psychological evaluation specifically for bipolar disorder.
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Bipolar has a set series of criteria. A psychiatrist would be able to diagnose that for sure but to help them keep a mood tracker and then bring it to them after printing it out. As well we have some websites linked up for informational purposes. Go to the welcome page. Bipolar is also commonly inherited (although of course not automatically) and people that are facing the same issues they are coping with are often attracted to each other as well.
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