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Going to Psychiatric hospital voluntarily for meds adjustment

I have been trying to get stabilized for at least four weeks now; am experiencing alternating mania and depression, and the side effects (most notably grogginess and extreme emotionality) are greatly interfering with work and personal life. Psychiatrist has suggested that I go to nearby psychiatric hospital "for a day or two" to help get everything stabilized.
My question is: does anyone have any experiences of doing this, and how exactly does that work? I've never been hospitalized before, and don't really know how it works when you go voluntarily.

Thanks so much for any information/advice...
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Yes well its complex because although it can be quite helpful (including for myself before recovery) it should be noted that if its in patient (as opposed to outpatient or partial hospitalization) if its a voluntary stay the standards are less than that of an involuntary one but  you would most likely have to stay for the period they evaluate you and adjust your treatment. However this might be worthwhile to have medications adjusted in a stable environment. One time when things were not going well for me I did agree to be hospitalized for a short period of time and it was helpful as that was what I needed. I would suggest discussing it further with your psychiatrist and considering their idea but also finding out more about the hospitals near you and which one would be appropriate for you.
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I have been in this situation before and walked out better each time. With in-patient care, you'll get opinions from many different pdocs and that can help out greatly. There are many shrinks out there that have a lot of experience, but they may have only seen a few types of mental illness and BP disorder can be very complex. When you're dealing with more opinions, you're dealing with more experience.
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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I am in a somewhat rural area, with one inpatient facility (also doubles as drug and alcohol rehabilitaion facility). My next closest options are at least 120-150 miles away. I am still fairly leery about the whole situation, not to mention the prohibitve cost (no insurance). i am just keeping it as a backburner option right now...
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I know that there is always hesitation when thinking about inpatient care, but it can be a life saver.
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